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Zor's Storage Emporium Giveaway


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As you may know, I am a hoarder. I've destroyed many a mountain in my day and I never neglect to pick up every single piece of cobblestone and dirt. Due to this, I have a very, very large storage room with a very large number of items stockpiled inside. Unfortunately with the end of the world and all of that coming up most of these items will go to waste. I don't like to waste items. So instead of wasting them I will be giving away my excess for very low prices in the hopes that you all can use them to finish building your projects for this world. I will not be giving away every single item listed because I will probably need some for my own city, but I will post the amounts I have just so you're aware of how much you can ask for.


In exchange for my items I will be accepting all dirt, stone, stone bricks, and andesite at a 1:1 ratio. For example if you want a double chest of spider eyes I will ask for a double chest of one of the above listed items.

In the case of items that do not stack I will ask for one stack per item.


All of the items and amounts listed below are what I have at the time of this first posting. I will not be updating this list as I trade off items. If you're wondering what my current stock is look through the comments to see if I have already traded any.

Stock will be listed by number of stacks in the order that they are organized in my storage room.

Gravel x75
Sand x10
Red Sand x48
Clay Blocks x12
Prismarine x27
Prismarine Bricks x75
Dark Prismarine x10
Nether Bricks x10
Quartz Blocks x71
Netherrack x13
Soul Sand x23
Obsidian x33
Mossy Cobblestone x20
Ice x23
Packed Ice x24
Sea Lanterns x7
Glowstone x20
Glass x8
Hardened Clay (plain) x39
Hardened Clay (light grey) x10
Hardened Clay (red) x6
Hardened Clay (orange) x28
Wool (black) x11
Wool (white) x64
Wool (red) x6
Carpet (red) x15
Ink Sac x4
Dye (green) x8
Dye (cyan) x2
Lapis Lazuli x7
Saplings (oak) x39
Saplings (jungle) x20
Wood (oak) x17
Wood (birch) x44
Wood (spruce) x11
Wood (jungle) x13
Wood (dark oak) x7
Fence (oak) x44
Slabs (oak) x8
Slabs (smooth) x27
Grass Blocks x58
Podzol x21
Flowers (poppy) x28
Flowers (blue orchid) x7
Flowers (allium) x33
Flowers (azure bluet) x32
Flowers (red tulip) x31
Flowers (orange tulip) x30
Flowers (white tulip) x34
Flowers (pink tulip) x25
Flowers (moon daisy) x9
Flowers (lilac) x3
Flowers (rose bush) x3
Flowers (peony) x3
Fern (x18)
Mushroom (brown) x6
Mushroom (red) x8
Lily Pad x14
Vines x6
Sugar Cane x87
Cacti x13
Pumpkins x56
Cobwebs x12
Redstone Dust x34
Redstone Blocks x31
Repeaters x5
Sticky Pistons x2
Rails x27
Furnaces x3
Paper x6
Books x3
Charcoal x22
Coal x18
Coal Blocks x5
Quartz Ore x15
Horse Armor (iron) x76
Horse Armor (gold) x86
Horse Armor (diamond) x27
Blaze Rods x31
Spider Eyes x68
Magma Cream x2
String x13
Leather x77
Bones x63
Gunpowder x24
Slimes Balls x37
Prismarine Shards x53
Prismarine Crystals x8
Saddles x134
Skulls (skeleton) x1
Name Tags x1
Arrows x200+

Under special circumstances I may also trade 20 stacks of Iron Blocks.

I think that's everything I have in large enough quantities to trade. Post what you want and what you'll give me and we'll try to meet up at spawn.
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Hello yes, I see you don't have them listed, but I will take 3906.25 stacks of dirt, approximately enough to complete Cathedral.


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I'd like to trade some items, can you please get on Loka at some point today and we can discuss