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Year of the Dragon


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The Year of the Dragon

The two of them stood over the blueprints with a pensive look. Consternation was the best way to describe it and they could have bored holes through the parchment with the stare. Aegon was always impressed with the amount of work his fellow founder put forth. Now here they stood over a planning table once more to erect the icon of Dragonstone. Mr. Alchemy was how all of Loka knew him, but Aegon could only see him as friend and brother. Their days together as builders began when he was a fledgling within the confines of Hidden Caverns. His eyes were opened once he was accepted to the architect’s city, the Lotus Blossom Temple.

“I almost think you’ll make quick work of this, my friend.” Aegon couldn’t help but chuckle after finishing that sentence.

“I’m an artist, not a miracle worker.” His smirk equaled his tone.

“Well, I have faith. If anyone is up to this task, it is you…”

Mr. Alchemy nodded, submitting himself to the project before him. Aegon looked up from the table at the massive perch which once cradled a Lapis quarter moon. It pained him to think how their city was defiled by thievery and lies so long ago. He found solace in that it has been reborn, given new life and a new name to match his ancestry. Aegon counted himself blessed to have such a dedicated population, all of which he would sacrifice life and limb to save under the worst circumstances.

“It’s been a long road, you know?” Mr. Alchemy looked up from the blueprints at the comment. The look on his face was a mixture of emotions.

“Indeed it has. We’re all the better for it though.”

“Yeah…” Aegon paused in thought before turning back and smiling. “Yeah, we are.”

They both turned their gaze back to the parchment on the table. Aegon’s ruby eyes shone with pride at the sight of what his esteemed peer had planned. This would solidify the proverbial rising of the phoenix since their days of letting Bauherren fall into ruin. The iconic statue would soon rise to overlook all of the city thanks to Mr. Alchemy’s work. This was the start of what he would call the year of the Dragon.



View of the Dragonstone while standing on top of Mercomire Aegonis (All credits of building this beautiful town goes to Aegon)

Mercomire Aegonis (All credits go to MrAlchemy of course for this lovely dragon)
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