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What is your title in your town?


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Just a "for fun" thread, and because I'm genuinely curious about the different titles people have in their town chat. These can be lore titles or just whatever your /g title is. Feel free to include your past titles if you remember them too!

I'll start. Here's the titles I've had in different towns.
Asgard: Poet
Talongon: Peacemaker
Dellsmite: Ambassador, Drottingu, Sheepdog
Freesia: Kaideu
Citadel: Lady
Cerulean City: Lady
Auru: Librarian, Wolf Mother, High King, High Queen


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I just change it whenever I want for no reason lol, NN doesn't have lore/earned titles atm. Mine has been Chicken L❤ver for ages.


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When I first joined the Historians Guild in Auru, I was given the standard title of "Historian", until I came up with the title of "Chronicler" for myself (which I was later told was a title once held by Leasaur, I believe).

Shortly after, I took up the mantle of Head Alchemist in Auru, and was given the title "Mad Scientist".

There was a period of time that Jed had to join other towns to help them fix certain perms or stuff and general Guardian Shenanigans, but this would erase certain perms for her when she got back to Auru (I.E. permissions to her house, permissions to the industries, ect.) It was my job to fix these perms for her, and I was dubbed "Fix-It Teelix" (A play on Fix-It Felix).

After awhile, I rose up the ranks to become Lord of Auru, King of Auru, and now High King of Auru. I've returned to Chronicler as my set /g title, however.

Within lore, I often refer to myself (or my character, rather) as "The Young Wizard"


- Lady of Eldamar
- Queen of Ouroboros
- Queen Overseer Regent of Valinor
- Queen Overseer of Elrohir
- Queen of Ulthuan


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Valinor: Grand Wizard, Grand Keeper
Nassau: Meme Making Server Dude
Cryptic Cove: Not Useless
There were others but they were mostly memes and I can't remember them


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House Iron: Assistant Armourer
Arvik: Builder, Head-Builder
Auru: Runaway Prince
Camelot: King
Valhalla: Konungr
Edgewind: High King


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Miracalis: Master Alchemist
Dong Dank: Better Than Pell *blame malt*
Silverhand: Alpha *I think Kaph gave me this*
Azure City: "Rich Rich"