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Welcome to the Festivals Forum

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Here players can post details of Festivals they are hosting and sign up to join them. Festivals are planned community events, which bring players together, often to compete, but can also be various types of social gatherings. These can range from PvP tournaments to building competitions to town quizzes. There are 3 levels of festivals listed bellow. Each with increasing amounts of server support.

Unofficial Festivals
Player run festival, which has not been formally approved by staff. They have limited support and no server safe guards in place. Join them at your own risk. Perfect for more relaxed and informal gatherings. They have the following features:
  • Festival portal at spawn for the duration of the Festival.
Official Festivals
Player run Festivals, which have been approved by staff. They have all the features above plus:
  • Festival Zone, which prevents PvP, has keep inventory on death and anybody who logs out for longer than 3 minutes there will be sent back to Aladra.
  • Has the option for a Festival Battle Zone within the Festival Zone. This allows PvP in the area and can be set up to respawn those who died in it to a chosen location.
  • Rules unique to the Festival preventing players from stealing.
  • Competitive Festivals with a bracket of at least 16 players may reward the corresponding server title to the winner. For example the 1v1 PvP title is Champion.
  • Host role with the ability to kick people from the festival, chat message colours, event icon in tab.
  • Truce period while Festival is running, so no conquest fights can take place during the festival.
Server Festivals
Server/staff run Festivals. These have all the features of the above two Festival types as well as:
  • Will be streamed on Loka's official Twitch channel.
  • Resources such as armour and gear provided by server.
  • Extra server features to make them run as smooth as possible.

If you wish to run an Unofficial Festival simply make a new post in this forum including the details and day it will run. Then on the day staff will ask you for the location of the portal and set it up for you. This will allow anyone to step into the knife at spawn and be teleported to your towns festival.

To run an Official Festival and get the prefix attached to your post please contact myself, Magpieman, on discord or here on the forums. We can discuss details of the festival and whether the staff will be able to provide the extra support Official Festivals are entitled to.

When threads are locked the festival has either already taken place, or is closed to further applicants.
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