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The Return


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Staring into the face of the isle, I dock my ship.
Getting a nice deep smell of the Lokan air I once knew a while back before my disappearance, I first step foot on the wooden plank docks. In the distance I could see new comers, I was sure to go and meet them right away.
"Who are you?" They ask.
"Think of me as a friend." I replied.
Walking around the peninsula I remembered a few friends that I missed.
"Jedoi? Lazuli? Leasaur? East? Aegon? Johnny? Chuck? Everyone!" I screamed.
I miss them all!
Crying in front of the Artifact, I ask, "Where are they?"
It glowed.
I yell, "That isn't helping at all!"
A light in the sky glew bright as can be.
The Northern Star.
As I look up, I hear a voice.
"Ron, i..is..is that you?"
When I looked to see, it was my old friend Gabrosen.
I continued to walk on the isle with Gabrosen and I overhear people saying,
"It's him. He's returned."
I look over and say, "Yes, I have."
Warm welcomes from my brother Aegon, Shilo, and everyone else.
I'm back baby! Ain't no stopping me now!

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