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The News of Her Return.


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King Blazeslayer stood in one of the towers of the inner wall, overlooking the place where the city would soon be. He could see people mixing mortar, and preparing large stone bricks which would make up the outer wall. The wall that would keep them safe from harm. He looked to the West, towards Katolis. Even from miles away, he could see the mighty abandoned Queendom towering over the plains of Ascalon. He looked East, towards the Volterrain Sea, where ships came in bringing supplies for the city, and all the while, wondered what was in store for them, what hardships they would have to endure.

The Volterrains all lived underground while the city was being built. It was a bleak place beneath the ground, surrounded by cold damp stone. Being underground took a toll on everyone, there was nothing to do but wait for the walls to be completed. All anyone could talk about was how good it would feel to finally go outside and finally be able to feel free again. The King had decreed that while the walls were being built, anyone unable to defend themselves would have to stay within the ground, within the tunnels and rooms they had built for that purpose. Blazeslayer only came outside when he needed to think, and it seemed that was quite often as of late. The decree to keep everyone underground had been a difficult choice, but one that was needed. There had been bands of raiders coming through fairly often, trying to take the city from the Volterrains, but the guards that protected the city were trained well. There was very rarely a death on the defending side, the weapons and armor of the savages couldn't hope to match the weapons and armor that was worn by the guards of Volterra. Even now, he could see the guards walking about the outline of the future city, watching for attackers, the sun reflecting off of their armor.

Blazeslayer began to walk back down from the top of the tower, and made his way down underground and all the way into his royal chambers. He had just sat down at a desk to begin writing a letter when there was a knock at the door. "Come in." Blazeslayer said. The door opened, and DeathWolf entered the room, then said: "There has been word from Katolis that they have retaken the city. The Queen has returned and has resumed her reign over the city." Blazeslayer was silent for a moment, shock on his face. That shock was then replaced by pure joy. He had not heard news this good in ages. The Queen had returned, she was alive. After so many years, she was back. When she had left, during that bitter day on the Plains of Ascalon, there had been much worry that she would never be seen again. The Elven Queen had been much beloved amongst the people of Volterra, the two settlements had bonded like no other. So close to one another, that it only took a few hours to get there by foot, which allowed for people to visit often and make many friends there. The bond had been great, and they had felt very protective of the Elves. The guilt of their delay was still fresh in their minds, and the memories of the bodies, and the burning city, all lay heavy in the minds of the people who had come too late. All they had been able to do was give the survivors shelter in Volterra.

Most of the survivors of Elrohir had already left to start new lives, but some had stayed, and they needed to know that their home was safe again, and waiting for their return. Blazeslayer stood up and said: "We must announce this to all of Volterra, the people must know that our closest ally has returned!"

This news changed everything. Queen Castalina had returned, and soon, things would be back to the way they were supposed to be.