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Survey for my next book!


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Hello Lokans!

I have been planning to write a book titles The Races of Loka for a long while now, but to complete my study, I need help from you! Please fill out the following questions in the comments so I can compile all the information.

What your race is: Human, Elf, Cowman, Anthropomorphic Humanoid thing, Shapeshifter, Etc

What you call your race: Northerner, Wood Elf, Southern Garaman, Etc

How many others are also part of your race: (kinda obvious)

Where your race is from: Where your race is from, whether native to a continent on Char or a specific one of the old worlds, or from a completely different world. Remember to name the landmass!

(optional) Brief description: In a few sentences describe what your race looks like, different varieties, and their affinities (what they're good at)

And any other information you deem relevant


Race: Elf

What we call ourselves: High Elves

How Many are apart of your race: N/A

Where is your race from: Our race-derived off of the edge of the mushroom isle in a village named Eldamar, Native Ascalonians.

Description: Our race was officially said to have started in the village named Eldamar at the edge of the mushroom isle in territory #30 hundreds of years ago in the days where the covenant alliance ruled absolute, and when house stormborn was very small. Then hundred years past and our people migrated north into the clay cliffs of Ascalon and made a kingdom named Valinor. The Kingdom thrived for hundreds of years and was the crown jewel of the west of Ascalon. Time past and the once great city of Valinor is now sitting in Clay Cliffs territory #54 where it is now resting. After the fall of Valinor, the high elves migrated north into the plains of Ascalon where horses roam widely. The High elves are said to be currently dwelling in the Kingdom of Oldtown in territory 179, rebuilding the lives they lost long ago and making yet another city that is said to be even greater than Valinor itself.


This gives me an idea for something I may just have to write.

Back on the subject at hand, though, I look forward to seeing how your work here pans out. It seems like an interesting idea. I have some ideas in the works for a group/race of people, but they're a ways off, so unfortunately I've nothing to offer at present. Good luck with your writing nonetheless!


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Race: Snorlax

What we call ourselves: Unknown

How many are apart of your race: 2 including me

Race is from: Ask jib


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Disclaimer: Most of this is sub improvised.

I was born a half elf in a foreign land known as Dong Dank. (Not the town actually but I think it's what the town is named after.) When I first journeyed across seas to Loka I was still a half elf. However, after some incidents with some other elves. (Including a very profitable and totally worth and legal betrayal on my part) I decided to wipe myself clear of their race. A demonic ritual in the cathedral at Pavis took place in which several items were meant to be fused into me took place. However an error in one of the items occurred. A vial of blood meant to be of a human had coagulated. This disfigured my face horribly and I wear green gloves and a green full-head mask with shaded glasses to hide my face and eyes. What I would call myself now I don't know but the term I'd deem most fit is a Disfigured One.

How many are a part of my race: Probably just me, I've never heard of anything like me.

Where my: "race" is from. I'm from Dong Dank (Not the Loka one) but I didn't become this thing until Pavis.

Brief Description: I'm essentially the same as a human in capabilities but my face is hideous.

Probably should find a way to undo this one day.
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Race: human

What we call ourselves: natives

How many: no one really knows, probably between 50-100

We were the native inhabitants of Char before he artifact arrived. When the lokans came, the artifact wiped our memories(except for a few, who went crazy in the wake of the artifact’s power) and put us in the same endless cycle of death and revival. Usually a little more simple than the other races.


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What your race is: Endrakyn

What you call your race: Endrakyn

How many others are also part of your race: Uhhhh Lazuli Avalos I think, others I’m sure

Where your race is from: Wherever humans are from // the End. (Personally I like to call the End Niflheim and the Nether Muspelheim But w/e)

(optional) Brief description: Humans with some, but less than 50% Endrail blood. Often have purple eyes and black hair, often dislike water. Often have an affinity for magic. A lot of Endrakyn worship the god Endrail.

And any other information you deem relevant:

I was a kid when I made this all up. Don’t judge me. :p


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What your race: Human
What you call your race: Black Hammer Keep Traders
Where your race is from: Char
(optional) Brief description: The Black Hammer Keep Traders is a distinct sub-group of typical Char inhabitants. Entirely similar in features, language and mannerisms except for distinct mark of Black Hammer Keep on the lower stomach.
And any other information you deem relevant: The sub-group of Humans is comprised of people with sets of skills they're willing to use in search of information of the artifact.


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Race: Arcanian

What we call ourselves: Vulpists

How Many are apart of your race: 4. AngelWolfAJ and Silver911 were the very first 2 but they eventually had 2 boys; CosmoDude and MasterPug

Where is your race from: The original Zorros, Northern Ascalon

Description: Sent by King Fox, RayWard54 travels Ascalon for the perfect land. Established by RayWard54, Jaimeees, and TigerBird was the first and original Zorros, where the Early Zorrosians: Silver911, Enderkitty0, RayWard54, AngelWolfAJ, Jade_Mist, Jaimeees, and TigerBird were from. However, from the kingdom of Zorros lovers AngelWolfAJ and Silver911 leave Zorros and establish a monarchy town called Arcanuan. Arcanians and Zorrosians were both Vulpists in time and great friends and allies, until Valentia.
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