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Sudkuste Pickaxe Emporium


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Welcome, everyone! If you are in need of a pickaxe, look no further than the Sudkuste Pickaxe Emporium! We are selling the hottest, brand new diamond pickaxes for dirt cheap compared to other competitors.

Efficiency IV Unbreaking III : 80 iron ingots
Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune II : 86 iron ingots
Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III : 96 iron ingots
Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Silk Touch : 96 iron ingots
These prices are quite amazing compared to the average price on the market. If you want high-quality diamond pickaxes, then you can't pass this offer up. These picks are completely untouched, with full durability. All deals can either be found at the Market on Aladra or by contacting TempestBlood or Defgnw.
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The Sudkuste Pickaxe Emporium is currently out of stock due to high demand. More will come soon.


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They're just flying off the shelves. I swear Sudkuste pickaxes are like the iPhone 6s.

We should have more picks up in a few days if people are interested. I will start posting a stock count on this thread.


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UPDATE: New inventory
Efficiency IV Unbreaking III - 2 Picks
Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III - 2 Picks

Get them while it lasts!