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Stories of Elrohir


March of a New Spring
Story #1

Hello everyone, I opened this threat to begin posting some cool stories that take place in Elrohir. These stories are all different, and all these stories are told from different accounts of many other people. If anyone wants to add a story in here, please feel free too! I hope you enjoy.
On an early morning as the sun was rising over the kingdom of Elrohir, and as the morning dew was still freshly stained on the grass, a little boy was eating breakfast at his families breakfast table in their home. His sister who was sitting across the room from him, on a chair doing arts and crafts was paying no attention to anything going on around her. The boys mother and father were speaking with each other at the stove top in their home as the mother was cooking the food. Then all of a sudden they all heard the noise outside.

(Click the music link below and begin playing at this part) They heard the noise of footsteps marching down the main street in Elrohir. The mother and father put on their cloaks and shoes ordering that the little boy and his sister go to their room, as the worried parents ran outside into their front yard.


As soon as the mother and father ran outside their house standing on the cobblestone walkway leading to the street, they stopped in awe as they saw legions of Elrohiram elves, marching down the main road of the city, with banners of war flowing in the soft morning breeze. The father looked to his neighbors who had then ran outside their homes to see what was going on. The little boy and his sister ran to their rooms and opened the window curtains to see what was going on outside. The little boy stared in amazement as he saw the elves in their gold and purple armor with their shields in front of them and their shining swords as they marched to war. Flanking the legions of foot guard elves were high riders and sellswords, riding on their horses on both sides of the streets. Leading them was SouthPawFighter who was riding on his horse, firmly holding his blade and looking straight forward with his head held high.

Then appeared Queen Castalina in the middle of the formation with a sassy cocky smile, riding high and mighty with her head held high and her shining golden crown on her head. As the people saw her, they began to bow their heads and get on one knee out of respect. Flanking the queen were summoners xforerunner and Zelerity both having their wands drawn. These summoners swore to kill for her and are said to be the best fighters in all the kingdom. Behind them was the prince, MaxyMeeto who was riding on his horse with a solid look on his face, nodding to the townsfolk he passed. As the legions continued to march, nobles known in the kingdom, had on their armor who were riding on their horses with minor crowns on their heads to symbolize their status. They would be in charge of divisions of elven battalions for the wars to come.

People throughout the kingdom slowly came out of their homes, to see what was happening, as they watched the Queen's army march outside of their walls, into the great game.

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Wonderfully written. I loved it. This has very much inspired me to write my own stories about my town, and the stories of the events that followed me joining the Elrohir alliance.