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Still Interested...


and to clarify- after 2 years I think everyone should get a second chance( example flea ) but only if they have actually changed and improved

This will most likely be my final response, thanks.


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+1 I think that Nova has waited very long and we will get to see if he has changed or not. Hes seems to really want to play the server with all of his appeals.


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even tho he would be my enemy after getting unbanned +1 cos rivalry is what keeps the server fresh + i talked to him a few times on discord and in game and hes been nice and friendly so he would be a good addition to the community
(edit) he also talked about hoping to get unbanned on loka since the day i met him so he 100% wants to be active again


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Nova's not joining our alliance. He would be joining Z100 in a building town on garama, one in the middle of our land. If anything, him coming back hurts us because he'd take away our members and bring them to land that we would like to have.


You're such a hypocrite LOL
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You are taking things out of context and its hilarious both Upheld and Victor are friends of mine and that whole comment was a joke, and everyone involved knew it was a joke.. it's pathetic but also hilarious that you would dig up for stuff like this, this video is a year old and the comment that was made was a dare from Upheld_MC (his irl friend) to make, it was made clear to him it was a joke, but as we all did at the time when we were playing that server, we made joke videos. And if you doubt that I'm friends with upheld_mc https://gyazo.com/067f5e8e8086e1bbb8412d08e36820f4 https://gyazo.com/a188d93274ffbe22a705e254b146a1d0 That should satisfy, now before you ever come at me again with no context remember who you are and what you have done.