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Sparky___ for Guardian

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Age: 23
Current rank: Sentry
Which rank I am applying for: Guardian

Guardians, or admins, can make or break a server. Often, they are what players will use to define the quality of the server. Their actions and comments are often viewed as if coming from the server itself. As such, it is necessary that any player hoping to attain the rank can withstand such scrutiny. This means that they value and indeed exude both maturity and restraint. In addition, they must be responsible individuals who can dedicate a sizable portion of their time to not only help but improve the server. Their skills and responsibilities can be directed to a variety of tasks, but at the core they need to help players, support Sentries in enforcement of rules, and where necessary, supplant them in certain situations. Moreover, it is imperative that they interact with the community in an appropriate and fair manner in all cases, especially when dealing with reports, rule breaking, glitches, etc.​

I know that I am prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a Guardian for several reasons. First and foremost, I bring experience to the table as an admin on a previous server. I spent a lot of time on that server before deciding it was not the right fit for me. During that time, however, I was entrusted with what could be defined as managerial duties in addition to being taught some limited coding (utilizing IntelliJ), and also how to configure plugins (with Notepad++). Second, since I joined Loka, I have been in awe of what the community has built. On top of that, in awe of what the staff has created. I am very eager and enthusiastically willing to contribute to that. I have spent roughly 2,500 hours on Loka already and I would like to put that to good use in providing an additional perspective to the other Guardians, but also helping to develop and create new content, while continuing to help the community. If given the opportunity to do so, I will be immensely dedicated to the task. Lastly, I have come to be conscientious of the values and attitudes required and I am determined to continue to exhibit those.​

When I started playing on the server: November 14th, 2017
Time zone: EST
How often do you play (hours a day/week): I am active almost always daily, often for an hour at minimum, but usually for more. I am almost always available on Discord or the forums.


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+1 Not going to copy what I said in my response to his Sentry application, since that was an essay in itself. I look up to Sparky in many ways, and as Otaku and Mickale said, he is definitely a role model for the server. I've been playing with this alcoholic for nearly a year now, and can confidently say that he's perfect for the role. Good luck Sparky! :)
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Sparky would be a great fit for this kind of role on Loka. He has demonstrated maturity and ability to remain nonpartisan when we talk about things going on in Loka. I appreciate the fact that he is always interested in understanding both sides of a situation rather than blindly follow what his friends believe or think. Along with these qualities he has been extremely active on Loka and demonstrates a real passion for it growing and for the players enjoying themselves. He has also stood the test of time, his activity on the server did not wane when fighting was not going on. I remember logging in during weeks of Loka having 5-12 people logged in every day and he was always there, to me this shows that he cares about the server more than his own agenda. Overall he is an easygoing guy that I believe could handle the pressures of being a guardian and appears to me to be less susceptible to the guardian curse. (becoming inactive when promoted)

Sidenote: He updates the WIKI once a month, wow what a guy *claps*


sparky once said a nice thing to me but i think he was being sarcastic idk just give him owner i think is the right option :)


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+1 A player of integrity, who has been productive on the server and impartial/fair in his dealings with other towns.

Just make sure he doesn't abuse his power to turn Nassau into Eldritch 2.0.
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