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Sparklypop.... a fan fiction reborn.


Hello everyone with this forum post I'd like to share a little bit of the origins of Sparky and I from a very long time ago, I hope you enjoy!


Sparky was in his room one night, looking out of his window up at the stars. He couldn't go to sleep that night because there was a huge party across the street that everyone was at. Everyone! Silver, Awkward, Floppy, even his cat was at that party! Sparky had no idea why he wasn't invited and this led to him feeling very angry. He tried looking at the stars because he thought that they were so beautiful that they'd calm him down. But they didn't. "If only there was someone that could cheer me up, that was there for me, that loved me," he said to himself.The next day was a Sunday, so Sparky decided to go down by the lake that was just down the street. He skipped rocks across the water and wished that someone-anyone-would appear and love him. "Sparky! Breakfast!" he heard his dad, Urban, yell. Sparky quickly ran over to his house and ate his breakfast, which was just some plain, dry cereal in a bowl. Not very appetizing.That night, Sparky went down to the lake again to skip another stone and wish what he wished last night. But before he could do so, he saw somebody was already there. Sparky thought of just walking away and coming back the next day until he saw that person's face. His face was simply gorgeous. Perfectly proportional and his eyes were such a lovely brown.Not to mention his monocle, which was very fancy. The person looked very sophisticated in it and Sparky knew that his wish had come true. "Hey there," he told him. The person looked at him and said, "Oh, hey," in a very calm and cool voice. "My name's Spar-Sparky, and I thought that maybe I would meet somebody new today" Sparky responded. "Well, here's that somebody you want to meet. I'm Jibblypop, but most people call me Jib," said Jib. "Hi Jib. Well, I guess I'll see you around," replied Sparky. ''Wow, Jib is really special. Maybe I'll invite him somewhere...'' Sparky said to himself.

The morning after, Sparky woke up with joy. He just met Jibblypop- or Jib as he likes to be called- and is certain that his wish of finding someone that loves him and he loves back has come true. "Okay, Sparky," he told himself, "Today's the big day. You are going to ask Jib if he wants to see Dawn of the Dead and you are going to have a great time. I hope...," "SPARKY! BREAKFAST!" he heard his mom, Eliana, yell. "Comin' mum," Sparky responded. He rushed downstairs and was greeted with a plate of eggs and 2 strips of bacon. "How's my 'lil son doing this morning?" Sparky's mom asked him. "Just fine, mum. You wouldn't mind if I were to go do something this afternoon, would you?" Sparky wanted to make sure he asked his parents because last time he tried sneaking out of the house, he got caught and was grounded for a week. "Sure sweetie, but be sure to be back by 7," his mom replied. "And do you mind if you woke up you sister Gymnastics for us?" Oh boy. Gymnastics is Sparky's 5 year old sister, and she always annoyed him. Everyone else thought she was just a pure, innocent little angel. But all she did was just tease Sparky and then start crying to make it look like he was being mean to her. What Sparky wanted to say back to Eliana was, "No way am I waking up Gymnastics! She'll hurt herself then throw a tantrum and say that I pushed her!" But Sparky was smart enough to know that saying that would get him grounded, which means no movies, which means no Jib. So instead, what he said was, "Alright, mum," and then did as he was told. "Wake up Gym, mom's making you," Sparky said as he barged into little sister's room. "Fine, but get outta my room now or you're toast," she said in her mean and sassy voice. Sparky didn't want to be framed by his little sister so again he did as he was told. 2:00 rolls by. "Bye, mum! Bye dad!" Sparky said as he exited his house. He went down by the lake in hopes that Jib was there and to his luck, he was. "Hey there, Jib," Sparky said to him. "Oh, hey. How you been?" Jib responded. "Just fine. You know, I was feeling bored so I was going to go see Dawn of the Dead, you wanna come with?" he asked him. "Sure," Jib replied. "And no worries, I'll pay for popcorn," They went to the movies happily and there was one scene that was especially scary to Sparky. Jib looked at him and saw he was scared. He grabbed Sparky's hand in a comforting way. "Don't worry, I'm here for you," Jib told him. "Thanks, Jib," Sparky responded. By the end of the movie both of them have fallen asleep in each others' arms.

After Sparky and Jib awoke from their slumber at the end of the movie, Sparky looked at the time. 5:30. He remembered his mom telling him to be back home by 7, so he decided to ask Jib if he wanted to go out for dinner. "Hey Jib, there's this great Italian restaurant just around the corner. Wanna go?" "Well, I'm supposed to be back by 7, but as long as we're back in time I'm down for anything," responded Jib. "I'm supposed to be home by that time too and they don't take very long to cook the food so we'll be fine," Sparky said. "Let's go!" Sparky and Jib held hands as they walked to Toni Pepperoni's Perfect Pizza. They sat down and the waiter that served them looked very tired. You can tell that he was just thinking "Give me my paycheck already" but he tried to act nice nonetheless. "Welcome to Toni Pepperoni's, my name is Halo and how may I help you two today?" he asked. "Especially you there," Halo said in a kind of flirty voice as he pointed at Jib. This made Sparky a little bit mad, but he kept his cool. "Well, I would like a bowl of bow tie pasta please," Sparky said as Halo wrote down his order. "And what about you? Do you have a name or can I call you mine?" Halo said to Jib and then did a wink. "Ooh, I'm flattered," said Jib. "I'd just like a plate of plain spaghetti and meatballs," he told Halo. Before the waiter left, he decided to flirt with Jib one more time. "Are you a camera? Because I smile every time I look at you!" Jib giggled. That was Sparky's final straw. He marched off into the bathroom and then started crying. "I'll never get Jib," he sobbed. "That waiter has him under his spell!" "Did somebody say... spell?" he heard a female voice say. Sparky turned around and saw a woman standing in the doorway. "What do you want with me?" he asked her. "I only want to help you with your problem out there," she replied. "My name's Professor Pig, but just call me Pig and I am a witch. Here, take this confidence potion I brewed. Drink it when you feel in doubt and let the magic happen!" Sparky wasn't too sure about this, but he couldn't let Halo have Jibblypop. "If this doesn't work, you and I are gonna have some problems," he said. He washed off his face in the bathroom and then sat back down with Jib. "Sorry about that, just had an emergency," Sparky told him. "It's fine Sparky, don't worry about it," he responded. Just then, Halo came out and brought them some complimentary breadsticks. "I think you're suffering from a lack of vitamin me," he told Jib and then did that same wink at him again. This was Sparky's chance. He drank that potion that Pig gave him and immediately felt the urge to stop this. "Hands off grabby, he's mine. Lay a finger on him and you're dead," Sparky told Halo. Jib felt a little embarrassed. "Sparky, what are you doing?" he whispered. "Ha! You're not good enough for him," Halo snapped. "Oh yeah? WATCH ME!" Sparky then grabbed Jib and kissed him right on the lips. Jib was redder than a fire engine. "Woah, calm down there bud. I was just kidding," Halo told Sparky. "Wait, you were?" Sparky asked. Just then, the potion wore off. Sparky and Jib were both REALLY embarrassed at what just happened. "I... I'm so sorry about that, Halo. I'm sorry, Jib. I don't know what happened," Sparky said. Jib and Sparky didn't really talk much after that- they just ate their food. They paid for the food and then held hands as Sparky walked Jib home. Once they got to Jibblypop's doorstep, Sparky wanted to apologize one more time. "Jib, I'm very sorry about what happened back there. I met this witch and I wasn't feeling confident and she offered me a po-" "Stop right there," Jib told Sparky."It's totally fine, Sparky. We all have our moments," "Yeah.. we all do...," Sparky said. They both got closer and closer to each other. They tilted their heads and closed their eyes. Their lips were about to meet and- "WHAT'S GOING ON OUT HERE, JIBBLES!?!?" Jib's dad, ProfBanana, said. "D-dad! It's not what it looks like!" That was a lie. It was totally what it looked like. Prof managed to calm himself down. He leaned in close to Sparky. "Listen here buster, if you EVER try to do something to my son again, you will NOT be welcome to this household and I will NEVER let Jib out again. Do you understand?" he said. Sparky was a little bit scared. "Yes sir," he told him. "Bye Jib!" "Bye Sparks!"

Sparky was at his little sister's gymnastics practice. He tried to focus on his sister Gym, but he just couldn't stop thinking about Jib or what happened yesterday. He was with his dad, Urban, and he had his mind completely focused on Jibblypop until he said, "Son, your birthday is coming up and I know you really wanted a party so this year we're gonna be throwing you one! How does that sound?" Sparky was shocked. For some reason, his parents have never thrown him a birthday party so this made him extremely excited. "Really? Thank you thank you!" he exclaimed. Urban smiled. "Just be sure to wear something fancy," he said. Now, Sparky was starting to feel less excited and a bit more worried because he had absolutely nothing fancy. "But Dad, I-" just before he could finish, his sister came running out because it was time to go home and Urban was focused on her now. "Hey Sparky," Jib said. They were at the lake now like they planned. "Jib, I wanna ask you something," he told him. Jib nodded. "My birthday is just around the corner and my dad says to wear something fancy for my party. Problem is- I have absolutely nothing formal whatsoever. So I think that if we pull our money together, we'd be able to by me a tux. You in?" Jib smiled. "Of course, Sparky. Anything for you," he replied. That afternoon, Jib and Sparky were at the mall hunting for a tux. They finally found a store called "Friar Tux Shop" and went in. Sparky found a black and white tux and was very happy with it without even looking at the price tag. "Excuse me, sir," Jib told the store clerk. "But my friend and I would like to buy this tuxedo," They looked at his nametag. Apparently his name was Clint Eastwood. "Hm," Clint said. "Money please," Sparky and Jib reached into their pockets to find... nothing. Both of them completely forgot all of their money. "Uhh, can we sing you a song?" Jib asked. Clint had an angry look on his face. "NO MONEY, NO SERVICE!" he screamed. Jib and Sparky shared a sad look on their face as they walked out, until Jib had a brilliant idea. "Hey Sparky, how about this?" he asked. Then he bent over and whispered something into Sparky's ear. Both of them nodded in agreement and got down to business. First, Sparky grabbed the backpack of a little girl without her looking. He felt bad about it but what he was about to do was even worse. Next, he unzipped the backpack and put in on his back then walked to a corner. In that corner was Jib with the same black and white tux they couldn't afford. After that, Jib stuffed the tux into the backpack while nobody was looking. He zipped up the pack and made their way out of the door with absolutely nobody knowing and lived happily ever after. Pssh, if only it were that easy. Apparently, an alarm went off because technology these days can tell whether an item has been scanned or not and can set off an alarm when an item that has not been scanned makes it past store doors. "Uh-oh..." Jib said. Soon, they were both surrounded by mall cops on segways. The mall cops then made a pathway for one specific female mall cop. "Stop! My name is DFG and you two have been caught shoplifting! You are under arrest!" she screamed. "My parents are SO gonna kill me..." said Sparky. DFG the Mall Cop arrested Sparky and Jib and put them into a little cell with a big sign on it that said "Mall Jail" on it. "Can we at least get our one phone call?" asked Jib. DFG rolled her eyes. "Fine, you get one phone call. And if I were you, I wouldn't waste it on something stupid," she told them. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Jib did. He decided to call his mom named Doggette. ”Hey, mom? Just calling to say I love you," he said. Sparky gave Jib a look like he just swallowed an olive. "What have you done...," he said. There was a little desk and chair across from where the jail cell was which was where DFG sat. She put the keys on a coat rack right next to her. "You boys have 30 minutes in there," she said while flipping through a segway magazine. Sparky looked at his watch. It was 5:30. Eliana and Doggette both wanted their sons to be home by 7, so they got some time. "So uh, what do we do exactly?" Sparky asked out of boredom. DFG looked up from her magazine. "Well, there isn't much to do," she replied. "I guess you can chat with your fellow cellmates," To the left of Sparky and Jib there was a girl with shades and a t-shirt that said "Thug Train" on it. "Hey, what ya in for?" Jib said. "Apparently I looked so much like a thug that people's children starting screaming in fear," she said while rolling her eyes. "The name's Vanessa but I'm known on the streets as the Thug Train. I'm in for about an hour. So, what are you two in for?" "Long story short, we tried shoplifting and it went horribly wrong," Sparky told her. "Oh, I remember when I shoplifted for the first time. Good times...," she said. 15 minutes went by and so did 4 games of Poker with Vanessa. All 3 of them grew extremely bored until Jib gave a suggestion. "I can't take this anymore. Vanessa, know any secret ways out?" he asked. She smiled. "I like your style," she told Jib. "And yes, I've broken out of this cell lots of times. I can get us out easily. Okay, first..." All of them got into a huddle and started discussing how to get out. Meanwhile, DFG was eating a pack of pink donuts with purple and yellow sprinkles, totally oblivious to what was going on. "Let's go!" Vanessa exclaimed. She pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and started picking the lock while Jib and Sparky were making sure DFG saw nothing. She glanced up from her donut and Vanessa quickly stopped picking it and acted like they were just talking. The mall cop turned her chair around and kept munching on her donut and then Vanessa started picking at the lock again. Then, after many attempts, she finally got the cell door open. "Success!" she exclaimed in a whisper-voice. They all tip-toed out of the cell and then out of the room. They thought they were completely safe, until they got to the doors of the mall. "Halt!" a male mall cop said. "GO GO GO!" Vanessa yelled at the top of her lungs. Jib, Sparky, and Vanessa began running out the mall and aimed for the Toys R Us across the street. Soon, a bunch of mall cops started to chase them! Jib and Sparky kept running until they realized that Vanessa disappeared. "Where did she..." "Guys! Down here!" they heard a voice whisper. Jib looked to the left and saw Vanessa up against the wall of a building next to the mall and followed her down and brought Sparky with him. "Take these," she told them. Vanessa then started handing out toy lightsabers to Sparky and Jib. "And how are these gonna help us exactly?" Sparky asked. "It's simple. All these mall cops wanna do is roleplay," she replied. "Just pretend that you're a jedi and they'll pretend with you for a while then they'll just let you go. Those guns they're holding aren't even real," she laughed. All 3 of them came out of their hiding spot and pointed their lightsabers at the angry mall cops with DFG on her segway in the front of them all. "So it's a battle you want, aye?" she asked. "Well it's a battle you're gonna get!" All the mall cops pulled out lightsabers and started swinging them at each other while DFG was just kinda riding her segway in circles. 5 minutes later, they let them go. "Well, I learned nothing," Jib said while they all walked together. "Oh, I gotta go now guys," Vanessa told them. "I gotta meet up with my gang," "Bye, Thug Train," Jib and Sparky said at the same time. "Y'know, I was so bored in that cell I was about to kiss you," Sparky admit. "Really? Well, I wouldn't mind if you do right now..." Jib responded. Sparky's face turned red. He looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then kissed Jib on the cheek. "Aw," Jib said. "I gotta go home, too. My mom has fleas and I gotta give her a bath," Sparky had a confused look on his face. "Wait, so your mom is a dog and your dad is a squid-octopus-thing?" he asked. "Yeah," Sparky giggled a bit. "See you tomorrow, Jib," "See you tomorrow...

"Jib I'm telling you, you don't have to get me anything!" Sparky exclaimed. Him and Jib were outside of Sparky's house talking about his birthday. "I'm sure you'd do the same to me!" Jib said. They had been arguing about whether or not Jib should give Sparky a present or not. Jib really wanted to, but Sparky argued that it was fine if he didn't. He's been trying so hard that at this point he decided to just give up. "Fine, you can give me one if you want to," Sparky finally said. "Thank you!" Jib squealed. "But I don't get it. Why wouldn't you want me to get you a present on your birthday?" Sparky didn't really know how to respond to that. "Well... It's just that we haven't known each other for very long and...," "Uh, hello? We broke out of jail together... kinda.... we went to the movies together, and you even kissed me at dinner!" Jib yelled. Sparky thought that what Jib said is a very good point. "Fine..." he said. Jib giggled a bit. "Aw, you're cute when you're mad!" Sparky remembered his dad telling him to wear something fancy. You would think after going to the mall for so long with Jib that they would've picked up something, but nope. Sparky still had nothing fancy whatsoever. "DAD!" he screamed. "What is it, son?" Urban asked as he walked into Sparky's room. "I have absolutely nothing fancy in this room! Can't I just wear something casual?" he asked. Urban sighed. "HONEY! CHANGE THE DRESS CODE ON THE INVITATIONS TO CASUAL!" he exclaim to Eliana. "Thanks, Dad!" Sparky told him as he ran out of his room to the pond. "Jib!" Sparky called. Jib turned around grinned as he saw Sparky run up to him with his arms open ready for a hug. They hugged amorously and then Sparky handed an invitation to Jib. "Feel free to open it now," he said to him. Jib opened it carefully and pulled out a violet card with black printed ink on it that said "You're Invited!" on it in cursive. Below it gave the time, date and location of where the party would be held. "Thank you so much, Sparks. Of course I'll come!" Jib said. They hugged again and both started blushing. "Unfortunately, the day of the party you have to meet my annoying sister Gymnastics," Sparky told Jib. Jib had a confused look on his face. "What kind of name is 'Gymnastics?'" he asked. "Well, she loves the sport gymnastics so much that she brainwashed my parents into getting her named legally changed to Gymnastics," he said. "Her name used to be Roaring," Jib's face looked even more confused, like that look you get when you realize you have no idea what you're looking at on your math paper. "Why are the names of the people in this town so weird? In fact, why are the people in this town so weird? My mom isn't even human, she's a DOG!" Sparky never really thought about that before. "Anyway, that's beside the point," he said. "Gymnastics HATES me! Everyone loves her and she pretends to love everyone, but underneath that unreasonably large pink bow is a demon! AND SHE'S ONLY 5 YEARS OLD!" he screeched. Jib nodded his head. "I used to have a 'friend' like that in first grade. God, she was mean," he told Sparky. Just then, the front door to Sparky's house swung and out came Gymnastics. "Heh, heh, heh," she laughed. "Big Brother, if you think that you and your boyfriend can stop me from doing what I plan to do at the party, you'd be a fool!" Sparky folded his hand into a fist and his face started turning red. "Calm down Sparky, I got this," Jib whispered to him. He marched up to Gymnastics in a very angry way. "Listen here punk, I dare you to try to get past me! TRY ME!" he shrieked. Immediately, she dropkicked Jib into the ground. "Ugh.. you win," he admitted. "Gym, what is it you want to do to me at the party?" Sparky asked while rubbing Jib's back. "Tell me before I tell mom what you did to Jib," Gym giggled. "Hah! She'll never believe you two. Everyone absolutely ADORES me!" she responded. "Mom would only ground you and call me a good girl," she snorted and then made her way back into the house. "We have to find out what she's gonna do," Sparky said. "But how?"

Sparky woke up early the next day with excitement. "Okay Sparky, today's the big day," he told himself. "You've invited all your friends and absolutely no sign of something going wrong!"
He sprung out of bed and ran into the dining room. "Happy birthday, sweetie!" his mother, Eliana, exclaimed while pushing a plate of pancakes with smiley faces made out of blueberries in front of where he usually sits. "Thanks mom!" he said while digging into his breakfast. Next to him was his little sister Gym who seemed to be acting a lot nicer to Sparky. She wasn't giving him the stink-eye like she usually did when nobody was looking. Instead, she just smiled politely yet slightly creepily. That's when Sparky remembered that today wasn't actually going to be free of things going wrong. He remembered yesterday when Gym warned Jib and Sparky about what she was gonna do to him at the party. Sparky's bright and happy smile turned into that face you make when you realize someone's cheating off of your test.
"You little-" Sparky whispered to Gym until his dad, Urban, walked into the room and asked him a question. "So son, today's the big day," he told him. "How do you feel?" Sparky shrugged. "Nervous yet excited I guess," he said. ”Well, the nervous part is gonna go away soon," Urban told him. Sparky sighed. "I hope so...," he whispered quietly to himself. It was 4:30 pm, the time of the party. Like Sparky hoped, Jib was the first one to arrive. However, there was someone standing beside him. "Hey Jib! Who is this?" he asked. "Oh, this is just my friend Maxy. You don't mind if I invited him, do you?" Jib asked Sparky. Sparky wasn't too sure about this, but he didn't want to be rude. "I don't mind at all!" he said to Jib. Jib grinned happily. "Great! Thanks," he said. Maxy and Jib entered Sparky's house together. He began to feel an emotion similar to the one he felt when Halo was hitting on Jib. Only this time, it was more jealousy than anger. Sparky tried to ignore it by drinking some punch and looking out the window but he just couldn't stop thinking about if Jib had fallen for Maxy. Just then, the doorbell rang and Sparky went to go answer it. "Vanessa! How you been?" he asked Vanessa at the door. "Yo, I brought my gang with me so I hope that's cool" she said as she walked into the house with a gang which she called "The Thug Trains," Sparky felt even more jealous because nobody was paying attention to him even though it was his birthday. He glanced over to the stairs where he saw Maxy talking to Jib. He clenched his fist and his face turned red, but he managed to calm himself. Later, more guests arrived and Sparky greeted all of them. The guests were Silver, Awkward, Soccer and Futbol. Sparky still wanted some time alone so he went back to where he was before. Just then, he saw something that he couldn't believe. Maxy was embracing Jib's face! At that point, Sparky had given up on calming down. Sparky marched on over to Maxy and Jib in a very irritated way. "LISTEN HERE, 'MAXO' OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS!" he yelled. "YOU CAN TALK TO HIM, YOU CAN LOOK AT HIM, BUT YOU MAY NOT DO WHAT YOU JUST DID!" Sparky's face was redder than a tomato and a fire engine combined. He heard two girls laughing above him and looked up to see Gym and the witch named Pig who he met a couple nights ago on the top of the staircase. Sparky was quite surprised. How did Pig find his address? Are they best friends now or something? His mind was so full of questions that he didn't even think about the huge bucket in their hands. "Happy birthday, Sparky!" Pig yelled. "And don't worry, I didn't put any spells in this!" Together, Pig and Gym poured a bucket of freezing water onto Sparky! Everyone in the room laughed. EVERYONE! Sparky felt extremely embarrassed and began to sob. Not to mention the fact that the water was colder than anything he'd ever touched, seen, or knew about. It was much colder than the water that you'd use for the Ice Bucket Challenge and Sparky would know because he's done it before. Even in freezing water, Sparky managed to run slowly out of the door and by the pond that was near his house. Jib felt really bad for Sparky and wanted to tell everyone to stop laughing, but he was afraid everyone would start laughing at him instead. "Sparky, wait!" he called as Sparky ran out. Jib didn't know what to do so he just ran out to chase after Sparky. "I'm sorry, Sparky!" he yelled. "I'm sorry..."

To Be Continued...
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Jib managed to catch up to Sparky by the lake. He was hiding his face while sitting on a log and Jib took the seat next to him. "Look, Sparky," he said to him softly. "I didn't bring Maxy so he could hit on me. I brought him because I thought you two might get along well, but he only wanted to talk to me. I'm so sorry," Sparky looked up at Jib. "Promise me that you'll never let anyone hit on you," he said. "I promise, Sparky," he said. Sparky stood up and unfortunately tripped and fell in the lake! "AH! JIB! HELP!" he screamed. "I'm ALREADY WET ENOUGH!" Jib couldn't help but giggle. He noticed a fishing pole someone left here and tried to fish Sparky out. "Grab this!" he yelled. Sparky had a confused look on his face since Jib could just pull him up but decided to grab onto the bobber anyway. Thanks to Jib's incredible fishing skills and strength, he managed to reel in Sparky. "Thanks," he told Jib while blushing and rubbing the back of his head. "Aw, you look so cute when you're embarrassed," Jib teased and pecked him on the cheek. Together, they ran back to Sparky's house and got towels to dry him off when his mom, Eliana, and his sister, Gymnastics, walked by, saw him, and stood in front of him. Sparky noticed that Gym was soaked just like he was and that Eliana had a slightly irritated look on her face. "Sparky..," she said sternly in her why-did-you-do-this-voice while Gym stood next to her, smiling wickedly the whole time. "Look at your sister! She says you knocked her into the pool and then you threw yourself in! What do you say?" Jib had a shocked look on his face. "Um, excuse me but I can promise you that is not what happened," he argued. "I saw the whole thing. Gym and her friend threw icy cold water on Sparky at the top of the stairs. She must have threw some on herself to make it not like suspicious," Gym gasped dramatically. "Mommy! Do you REALLY believe this boy? He's calling me a liar!" she yelled while stomping her feet and cuddling Eliana. "Take him out of the house and never let anyone invite him here AGAIN!" she did a bratty cry and huge puppy eyes. "Now calm down, sweetie," Eliana said. "I believe everything you're saying. I know that they're both lying, but let's not kick poor Jib out, okay?" Gym the Devil did an annoyed sigh. "Fiiiine, mommy," she muttered. Eliana bent down to Sparky's level. "If you want another birthday party, I better not see any more of this behavior," she whispered. Sparky nodded and he went into the bathroom where he saw Futbol making out with Soccer. Futbol saw Jib open the door and stopped making out and proceeded to slap Soccer and make it look like he was making him do it. However, this was pointless since both Jib and Sparky knew they both wanted to make out. "Get out," ordered Sparky. Futbol and Soccer exited the bathroom with an ashamed look on their faces. (AN: If you get that movie reference, grab a cookie) Sparky and Jib exchanged confused looks. "What was that about?" Jib asked. Sparky shrugged his shoulders and they dried him off. "So do you know who that girl with your sister was when they dumped that water on you?" Jib questioned Sparky. He didn't know if he should tell Jib or not. He decided not to because it would waste precious time on his birthday. "I think it's best we save that for another day," Sparky answered. After Sparky dried off, he went to dance with Jib and his other friends. Urban, his dad, was the DJ because they couldn't afford a professional. "Alright ladies and gents, it's time for karaoke!" he announced as Eliana set up the karaoke boom box. "So who would like to go first?" A large sea of hands went up. "Hmmm... let's go with.. you," Urban picked a girl with a backwards cap and a white, long sleeved crop top. She was making flirty faces at Sparky which really ticked both him and Jib off. "She doesn't even know who I am, yet she has a crush on me?" Sparky uttered to Jib. "If you don't know her, why is she at your birthday party?" Jib asked. "Well, her mom is really good friends with mine and she's like the perfect flower child in her family. I think her name is Golden, but I'm not quite sure," Sparky responded. Golden made her way to the karaoke boom box. She decided to sing 'My Immortal' by Evanescene and boy, did she sing it beautifully! People in the audience started tearing up when she got to the chorus. Sparky noticed that most of the time, Golden would look at him when she sang it. When she was finished singing, people cheered and clapped and someone even threw a rose. "And that was 'My Immortal' covered by Golden! Great job!" DJ Urban announced. "Now Golden, you can pick whoever you want to sing next!" He handed her the microphone. "I choose.... Sparky!" she said almost immediately. Sparky blushed hardly. He knew that he wasn't very good at singing. However, he didn't want to turn down this opportunity because he wanted to make the most out of his birthday. Sparky nervously walked up to the karaoke boom box. He chose to sing 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy. When he was through with the song, his face was a bit pale as he thought that people would laugh and boo at him. Actually, people were very impressed and clapped and cheered almost as loudly as they did for Golden's performance. He was extremely gleeful on the inside and just wanted to jump into the crowd and hope people would catch him, but he was too scared to. DJ Urban congratulated him like he did with Golden and selected Silver to sing next. As he walked back into the crowd to stand with Jib, a paper ball hit him in the head. Sparky opened it up and it read, "Meet me in your backyard. I have a message for you <3," which wasn't signed. "I'll be right back," he told Jib. Sparky ran to his backyard and saw Golden standing underneath his cherry blossom tree. "Oh Sparky.....," she sighed and reached in her pocked to pull out an envelope which was sealed by a heart sticker. "Go on. Open it," she insisted. Sparky did as he was told and inside was a little note. "I've been watching you. There's been something I've been meaning to ask you. Will you be my boyfriend?" he read out loud. He looked up at Golden. She was smiling with her hands behind her back. "So? What will it be, cutie?" she asked. He sighed and was scared to tell her that he was gay. "Well, I don't think there's an easy way to say this,” he said. "Golden... I can't be your boyfriend because, um... I'm gay. Not to mention I'm already eyeing somebody else named Jib," he said. She had a shocked yet depressed look on her face. "Oh," she uttered. Sparky began to walk away until he heard Golden laugh psychotically. He quickly turned around and saw her hover highly. A bunch of flames surrounded her as she transformed into her true form. Sparky couldn't believe his eyes. Golden grew dark red rings and a long red tail with a heart at the end. She wore a dark red short dress and small red horns on her head. Her eyes turned blood red and her skin as white as snow. Sparky finally realized what she was transforming into: a demon! "Time to go find this 'Jib' you speak of!" she yelled. Golden flew into Sparky's house and lit it on fire. Tons of screaming people ran out immediately including Jib. She was somehow able to detect which one was Jib and started throwing flames at him! Luckily, Jib saw and dodged them. Sparky hopped the fence and he luckily lived on a corner, so he was able to run onto the sidewalk and meet up with Jib. He saw from above that Golden got angrier and angrier and threw one big fireball at the back of Jib's head. He turned around at the last second but unfortunately, it was only about 3 yards away and it moved very fast. "JIB, NO!"

As the fireball was just about to hit Jib, Sparky held up his hand and suddenly, it stopped and hit Golden instead. Sparky and Jib both had an extremely shocked look on their face. "How... how can that be?" Sparky asked himself. Jib ran up to Sparky with open arms and both hugged tightly. Golden was still knocked out and everyone heard sirens from the distance. "I have no idea how that happened," Jib said. "But who cares? I'm so lucky I made it out!" Sparky was speechless. Was that really him doing it? Was it a coincidence? His Guardian Angel? "Jib, I have no idea why or how all of this is happening. Golden asked to meet me in the backyard and asked me if I wanted to date her. I had to tell her no and she suddenly transformed into the demon. We need to go find the others now!" They ran off to Eliana, Urban, and Gym. The three of them were standing with Prof and Doggette, who were Jib's parents. They must have heard the screams and went to check if everything was alright and found this disaster for a home broken and on fire. The firefighters were extinguishing the flames while the police asked the other guests questions about what this was all about. Soon, the police questioned Sparky and Jib. Sparky explained everything but the police didn't quite understand him as it just didn't seem realistic enough to be a full explanation. "Well, do you have any real evidence?" one of the cops asked. Jib and Sparky lead them to where Golden was knocked out. The police didn't know what to say. In fact, nobody knew what to say. It was silence all around not including the sounds of the flames being extinguished. All of a sudden, the sounds of a portal opening up was heard behind the crowd surrounding Golden's supposed dead body. Everyone turned around and saw a figure even larger than Golden with huge wings and fangs. Her outfit was similar to Golden's but didn't reveal as much and had a beautiful crown resting on her head. "I am Pzychotic, and you shall call me Queen! I rule the Demon World and have come to collect my daughter: Princess Golden!" The police immediately pulled out their guns and tried shooting both Golden and Queen Pzychotic. It went through Golden's head but not Pzy's. "Hah! Nice try, but use fire next time," she teased. "Let's go, Golden!" Golden didn't move nor stir. She laid down in the exact same position. "G-Golden?"
The police were still trying to shoot and handcuff Queen Pzy but it was useless. Each time she'd just ignore the bullets as she was too strong and could easily break out of the cuffs. Calling for backup was useless as nobody believed the cops. Queen Pzychotic was furious. "YOU!" she exclaimed. "YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER!" "We had to do it, ma'am. Besides, most likely she was already dead." one of the cops responded. Pzychotic carried her daughter's dead corpse into the portal of the Demon World and closed it up once she went through. "There's nothing we can do about this other than apologize and hope for the best," another police officer said. "Nobody will believe us and let's be glad everyone made it out alive!" The police all drove off and left poor Jib and Sparky's family alone as all the other party members went home. "Eliana, I am so sorry for what happened tonight," Doggette tried to comfort her as she was crying. "Our house..." Gym cried. "IT'S GONE!" She cried while hugging her father who was trying to chat with Prof. "Well, we wouldn't mind letting you stay with us until your house gets rebuilt," Prof suggested. "Besides, we do have 3 extra bedrooms. Our house is way too big," Eliana looked at Prof with her teary eyes and the moon reflected into her pupils. "Please, I insist you don't do this! We wouldn't want to bother you and have you pay for all of our stuff," she told Doggette and Prof. The four of them argued politely back and forth while Jib and Sparky walked to the lake and held hands. "Jib, there's something I have to tell you to get it out of my system," Sparky said. Jib nodded. "Go on!" he told him. "When that fireball came at you, I was the one who stopped it from hurting you," Jib didn't quite know what he meant. "How so?" Sparky didn't know how to explain. "I.. don't really know. I held up my hand, yelled 'JIB, NO!', and it just stopped and hit Golden instead. That's all!" "Well Sparky, people don't have these powers. This isn't anime or some creepy fanfiction," Jib replied. "Here, I'll try proving it!" Sparky exclaimed. He went closer to the lake and stared at one of the pebbles. Jib waited in silence. All of a sudden, he saw the pebble move a bit. Then it wobbled. Finally, to both of their amazement, Sparky was able to lift the pebble up into the air. Jib's face turned as pale as Golden's demon form was. His jaw dropped down as far as it can go and his eyes looked like they were popping out. "Amazing... I just got chills all over my neck!" he yelled. There was another moment of silence. "You have powers..." he whispered to himself but Sparky could still hear it. "I pledge allegiance to Sparky and the power for which he stands!" Jib said as he bowed to Sparky. "I don't know how I got it or if there's a connection with the Demon World and me but it's extremely incredible. I can't move it anywhere else though, just up and down," Sparky replied. He used his powers to put the pebble back down and looked at Jib. "Now that that's kind of out of the way, there's something I want to ask you," Sparky suddenly got kind of nervous and didn't know exactly how to ask this. "We've been together for a while now and you're my best friend. You've helped in times of need and soon we're moving in together. Not to mention the fact we just discovered that I have telekinesis. Jib... will you be my boyfriend?" Jib looked surprised. "Wait, what?" Sparky asked the same question again. "Sparky... I drink from the milk carton, I'm a horrible singer, I don't even have a car yet..," Sparky stopped him right there. "I don't care. We all have our flaws, and you're not alone on the milk carton thingy. Let me ask you again: Will you be my boyfriend?" Jib looked into Sparky's eyes and saw the moonlight reflect in them like they did with Eliana. "Of course I will," Both of them leaned in and kissed amazingly. This was the best worst birthday ever!

After Jib and Sparky had finally came out of the closet about their relationship, Urban went to take Gymnastics to her gymnastics class as Doggette and Prof went to go out into town to see Wallace perform at a concert. Wallace was basically the male version of Beyonce and stole all of the ladies' hearts. Doggette was a huge fan of him and decided to drag Prof along with her since it was Couples Night, which meant that every couple that at least looked like they cared about Wallace would get 50% off of tickets. This left three people in the house which were Jib, Sparky, and Eliana. There was also a carnival going on near Jib's house which was full of food booths, rides, and couples taking cute pictures in the photo booth. Both of the boys really wanted to go so they asked Eliana if they could. "As long as both of you are back before 10:00." she answered. Sparky and Jib headed out on a two-person bike to the carnival and talked about school and more of what their interests were and things like that. Jib was apparently a junior in high school as well as Sparky. Sparky couldn't believe that he didn't know this before they were officially going out. Once they got to the carnival, Sparky had a sly grin on his face. "What's the grin about?" Jib asked. "Well, we're gonna be living the thug life." Jib looked confused, so Sparky explained. "Y'know how my mom said we had to be home before 10?" Jib nodded like he remembered. "Well, we're really going to be home.... at 10:01." The boys laughed at Sparky's sarcasm and headed over to the mirror house. There was a mirror in particular that made both Jib and Sparky howl with laughter. You needed two people to stand in front of it and stand still for about five seconds. After you've waited a while, the mirror would face-swap you and the person you were with. Both of them looked extremely weird with their faces swapped and almost disturbing. Once they were finished in the mirror house, they decided to take some cute couple pictures in the photo booth. The photos came out great and the cutest one had to be where Jib put his arm around Sparky and both of them were blushing. Sparky and Jib got hungry so they went to an ice cream stand where the guy working at it seemed to be really uninterested. "Hey, does he look familiar to you?" Sparky asked. They took a closer look at his name tag. "Clint Eastwood" it read. "That's the same guy we tried to rob a tux from that one time!" Sparky exclaimed softly as they got their ice cream. Luckily, he didn't recognize the two of them and didn't call the cops on them. "Want to go on any rides?" Jib asked. Sparky shrugged his shoulders. He looked around and saw a ride that really caught his eye. It was one of those rides where they sit you down with a bunch of other people in separate seats and you go higher and faster with every few seconds that pass, but he didn't know the exact name for it. "How about that one?" he pointed to it. "Are you sure? We just ate an entire tube of ice cream and that's not the best ride to go on now." Jib looked a little afraid. "C'mon Jib, live a little!" Sparky blurted out. "I'd rather live in a life full of 'oh-wells' than 'what-ifs.'" Jib nodded in agreement. "Fine, but if we end up on our hands and knees vomiting afterwards, it's 100% you're fault." They headed over to the huge ride and swung around the pole dozens of times. Both Sparky and Jib screamed the entire way in both fear and excitement. Once they got off, Jib's prediction about them being on their hands and knees vomiting was proven correct as there were no trash bins around and too nauseous to walk all the way to the restroom. When they were done, Jib suggested the idea of riding in a Farris Wheel to cool them down. Sparky looked at the time. It was only 9:21 and it would've been nice to end their carnival date with a Ferris Wheel ride even though Sparky was more all about roller coasters. However, it was Jib's decision and Sparky owed him a trip on any ride he wanted after they already went on a ride that Sparky wanted. They strapped themselves in and were the only couples riding the wheel at the moment. The Ferris Wheel eventually got to the top and stopped for a few minutes. "Look at the stars," Sparky said. "Aren't they beautiful?" Jib agreed. "I can see Hercules." Jib pointed his finger to connect the stars that made out the constellation of Hercules. "In fact, there are a lot of constellations out tonight. Right Sparky?" Jib expected an answer from Sparky but heard nothing. "Sparky?" He looked to his left to see the sleeping Sparky on his shoulder. Jib smiled. "Good night, sweetie." Jib said softly as he fell asleep as well.

"Boys? ...Boys? WAKE UP!" Jib could hear shouting coming from right in front of his face. He opened his eyes and saw one of the carnival workers just a few inches away from him. Jib poked at Sparky for him to wake up to which he did and both Sparky and Jib felt slightly embarrassed. "You two have been sleeping for about 5 minutes. I think it's best for you to go home." "S-sorry, sir," Sparky stuttered. "It won't happen again." The two boys got up and Jib checked the time. "It's only 9:26, we got some time. So, whatd'ya wanna do?" Sparky looked around for some fun rides. "How about that carousel?" he asked. "Sure," Jib responded. The carousel had only horses and two people could ride on each horse which was pretty cool. "I call front seat!" Jib yelled. "Dang it," Sparky mumbled. This time, Sparky and Jib weren't the only two on the ride. There were about 4 other little kids riding with their mothers but Jib and Sparky enjoyed it nonetheless. Once they were done having fun on the carousel, it was already 9:30. The boys didn't know what else to do besides go on a carnival ride spree, so they did until it was 9:51 which was the best time for them to start heading home. While Jib and Sparky were heading out, they noticed that the same man who yelled at them for sleeping on the Ferris Wheel was staring at them from afar. "What's his deal?" Jib questioned. Sparky shrugged his shoulders like he didn't care, even though both of the boys felt very creeped out on the inside. They biked home acting as if nothing was wrong, but everything got even more frightening when they heard a car starting up and driving way past the speed limit. Jib- who was on the second seat- looked next to him and saw the same man driving next to them. He was going at the exact same pace as the bike and Jib could feel his spine shivering when he turned his head and grinned like a psychopath. "Go faster!" Jib yelled in a whisper-voice to Sparky. Sparky did as he was told and pedaled with all his might with the help of Jib. However, the man still was able to catch up to the bike. "He's... right... next to us," Jib whispered. "In the truck." "Who is?" Sparky asked. "Look for yourself." Sparky turned his head to the man's truck and his face turned white like a cloud during a beautiful day. They stopped pedaling and the man pulled his truck over to the sidewalk Jib and Sparky were biking on. "Hey there," the man said in a whispery, creepy voice. "Are you lost?" Sparky and Jib shook their heads. "We were just heading home." Sparky replied. "Heh heh... well, how about I take you home instead? I got some candy for you inside." The man grinned as if he was a little kid on Christmas who got exactly what they wanted, but at the same time like a psycho who just escaped from prison. "Scram!" Sparky softly said to Jib. The boys rode the two person bike as fast as they could. Sadly, the tire flattened as soon as they started pedaling. "Oh come on! Now?" Jib yelled. "RUN!" Sparky yelled. The man started chasing after the two boys as they ran home as fast as they could. Sparky and Jib could see the front door of their house. "HELP!" Jib screamed at the top of his lungs. From the distance, he could see Gymnastics poke her head out of the window in her room. "GYM! GET MOM AND DAD!" Sparky screeched. She got up and ran out of her room, but that was as far as the boys could see. However, it didn't do much good as Jib and Sparky felt something covering their mouths. "That's what happens to tattletales," they heard the man say. He laughed chillingly and the boys couldn't breathe. Eventually, neither of them could stand up anymore. Sparky's vision turned to all black and was knocked out. Somehow, Jib could still see and hear a little bit, but not for long. "Good boys, now don't try to tell anyone, don't try to fight back, and don't try to escape because you'll regret it immediately." That was the last thing he heard come out of the man's mouth before he too became unconscious.

“Boys, wake up..." Sparky could hear a soft, soothing female voice speaking to him. He opened his eyes and saw the man who kidnapped him and Jib. Sparky wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not. He looked around and everything seemed pretty real. "That doesn't make any sense..." Sparky muttered. "How?" The man did an evil, siren-like laugh and transformed into a familiar figure. "Remember me?" The man had changed into Queen Pzychotic. Sparky gasped. He looked next to him and saw Jib was still knocked out from last night. "Wake up!" he yelled in a whispery voice to Jib. The two boys were tied up in two chairs put next to each other against a wall. "Oh, don't you worry," Pzychotic said to him. "I got this." She pulled out a tarantula from her dress and placed it on Jib. Jib felt the furry creature crawling all over him and woke up almost instantly. "Ah!" he screamed loudly. Queen Pzychotic giggled. "Why are you doing this? I thought you were done with us!" Sparky exclaimed. "Well, remember when you KILLED my DAUGHTER!?" Pzychotic clearly began to get as mad as a bull. Her eyes turned redder as well as her face. "If someone were to kill your child, you would want revenge, wouldn't you?" Sparky and Jib looked at each other and shook their heads. Pzychotic calmed down. "Good," she said. "Now, I'm heading off to get revenge on Babycat, an-" "Who's he?" Jib asked. Pzychotic cleared her throat. "You see, Babycat has commit many crimes and has pulled many pranks of the Demon World. He says to be a Jedi and always seems to get away whenever the Demon Knights and I try to catch him. Oh! Speaking of which, you're in the dungeon of the Demon Castle. After I leave, some of the guards will take you two up to the kitchen and you shall prepare me a special treat. There will be instructions on the counter." Pzychotic transformed into a carnival worker again as she used her scissors to open up the portal into the overworld. This left Sparky and Jib with confused looks on their faces. All she did was take her scissors, cut them vertically in midair, and a portal was all of a sudden appear. You'd think that she would have to say a spell or something, but nope, just scissors. She left the scissors on the ground which gave Sparky a great idea, but it was quickly destroyed once one of the Demon Knights picked them up. "I'll be taking these," he said. "I'll also be taking you two up here." He untied them both from their chairs. Another Demon Knight came along to walk Jib up to the kitchen as the other walked Sparky up. Once all four of them got their, the knights shoved the boys into the kitchen and locked the doors tight. Immediately, Jib tried to pull out his phone to call for help, but Pzychotic apparently took it. "Okay, so she said there would be instructions for a treat somewhere on the counter." Sparky said. "Found it." Jib said. They walked over and picked up a sheet of thick paper that gave instructions to bake a batch of cookies. Sparky read the ingredients out loud as Jib gathered them all. As Jib was searching through the cabinets, he came across a large green bottle. He pulled it out to show Sparky. "Poison," Jib said. "I guess they use it to kill the people they kidnap." Sparky smirked at Jib and Jib smirked back. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sparky asked. Jib nodded his head and put the poison on the counter for later. Sparky kept reading the ingredients and they stopped when Jib finished making the cookie mix. Jib was about to pour in the poison until Sparky stopped him. "Are you sure this is strong enough to kill her?" he asked. "Well, of course it is, it's poison!" Jib replied. "Yeah, but remember when the police shot her with multiple bullets and she didn't feel anything?" Jib sighed. "You're right. Well, I guess we'll just have to hope it's strong enough. There aren't any labels on the bottle or anything besides 'Poison.' If it's not, then we'll just have to do everything she says until we get another opportunity like this." Sparky nodded in agreement as Jib poured in all of the poison into the cookie mix. Jib used cookie cutters to divide the poisoned cookies up into actual cookies and let them bake for a little while. Once they were finished, Jib let them cool until they heard the kitchen doors being unlocked. In came Queen Pzychotic in her real form this time looking for her cookies. "Hope you boys made these at least decent enough for my taste buds to handle." Jib and Sparky smiled at each other as her mouth got closer and closer to the first bite. She finally bit into one of the cookies and chewed. She started coughing and eventually got on to her hands and knees, throwing up. The knights outside heard her pain and dropped the scissors in shock. This was the perfect chance for Sparky and Jib to run out, snip the scissors, and escape into the overworld. They finally got to the scissors, but the Demon Knights realized. As the portal opened, the boys escaped and one of the knights jumped in as it was closing. Once Sparky and Jib were back in their own world again, they quickly closed up the portal before the knight could as well. "Well, I guess there's only one thing to do." Jib said. He started up a fire using some sticks and Sparky threw the scissors into the flames. "I can't believe that was real." Sparky said. "Me either." responded Jib. They were back where they were when Pzychotic kidnapped them and saw a missing poster of them as well. Jib and Sparky ran to their house as quickly as possible to see every member of the household sitting on the couch miserably, just waiting for them to come home. Gymnastics was even crying until Sparky and Jib walked in. The atmosphere turned brighter once she gave Sparky a big ol' hug. Unfortunately, the mood wasn't this joyful for long as the entire house shook. "What's going on?" Doggette asked. "I'm not sure, sweetie!" Prof replied. Jib ran to the backyard to check. "Guys, there's a huge tornado, we have to go!"

To Be Continued...



When the household heard this news from Jib, they immediately ran down to the basement where they were safe. "Why now?" Sparky asked. "There hasn't been a tornado here in 20 years!" Jib shrugged his shoulders and stayed down. When about 30 minutes passed, Gymnastics decided to go upstairs to make sure the tornado had passed. She looked through the windows to see no sign of a tornado anywhere. "Guys, it's over! You can come up now!" she called to the family. Everyone came up. Now as you read this, you're probably wondering why a tornado would happen in the middle of the story at such a random time. You're not alone as everyone else in the room was wondering this as well. Suddenly, Sparky thought he knew. He grabbed Jib by the hand and pulled him into another room. "Remember when we set the scissors on fire?" Sparky asked. Jib nodded. "Well, maybe- just maybe- Queen Pzychotic's guards were so angry that they were able to start a disaster somewhere in our world considering they have all this power. I don't know, it makes sense to me." Jib looked confused, but he still could see where Sparky was coming from. All of a sudden, the two boys heard a blood-curdling scream from the living room. They immediately rushed to there only to find Gymnastics flying in midair. A few seconds later, a man who looked so deadly that you'd expect to see it in the world's most terrifying haunted house. He had horns on his head and wings that were even bigger than Queen Pzychotic's. His skin was blood red as well as his eyes. He was sucking all of the blood out of Gymnastics. She got drier and drier and soon enough took her last breath before being dropped on the floor. The man spoke with his voice echoing in a low-pitched voice. "None of you have ever seen me or have ever heard of me, but I am the one they call 'King' as my name must never be spoken." King pointed to Sparky with an angry look on his face. "YOU!" he shouted. "You're the one who killed both my daughter and my wife!" Sparky was in tears all while this was happening, as was everyone else. "To pay for this crime, you have lost one of your loved ones to know what it's like to experience this pain." "WELL WHY DON'T YOU JUST KILL ME!?" Sparky yelled out of anger. This made King laugh. "Alright then. I will." With the movement of a finger, he spawned one of the giant fireballs Princess Golden threw before she died and threw it at Sparky. Just before it met his face, a youthful, female figure appeared and lifted Sparky off his feet. She lifted him up into the clouds. It took Sparky a few moments to realize it was his sister, who had come back as an angel to protect him from King. Sparky started crying as he got on to his knees to hug Gymnastics. They hugged for about 10 seconds. "Listen, I need you to make a huge decision right now. King is looking for you." Gymnastics warned Sparky. "I need you to either say yes or no. If you say 'Yes', you'll be able to go back in time and never speak to Jib. The upside is that this will save the town from destruction from King as you never were kidnapped by Queen Pzychotic which lead to you and Jib killing her, with King wanting his revenge. The downside is that you'll never be able to experience real happiness with another human being, causing you to be depressed. If you say 'No', the entire town will be wiped out except for you and Jib as you work together to defeat King and eventually do with the upside being you two living peacefully together for the first time and for the rest of your lives, enjoying each other and having the perfect life. The downside is that you will be the ONLY TWO people living in this town and you might get bored of it. Now, what will it be?" Sparky looked unsure for a second. "May I see the outcomes for both decision first and decide which one is better?" he asked. Gym nodded her head. "You get 3 days for each outcome. After that, you'll have to make your decision.”

Sparky closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was in his room. There was a huge party in his neighborhood. He remembered this night like it was yesterday. He remembered feeling lonely since his family would spend all their money on Gymnastics and neglected him. He looked out the window. In the far distance was a pond. It was the same pond Sparky remembered he met Jib at. Sparky started heading over there and remembered that for the next three days, he wasn't allowed to talk to Jib since he wanted to see each outcome from the decisions Gym told him about. Sparky headed back inside with a depressing look on his face. He felt like the depression Gymnastics told him about was starting already. Sparky went to bed and soon, his second day had started. He didn't think it was really fair that his first day was only the night, but he didn't want to experience more depression so he took it for granted. The reason he believed his parents started noticing him after he met Jib was because he started to become more of a positive person and spread his optimism with his family, making him more noticeable. However, since he couldn't hang with Jib, Sparky wasn't noticed. Sparky grabbed himself some cereal since his family forgot to make breakfast for him and got a brilliant idea. What if he didn't date Jib, but rather someone else that can make him just as happy? Once he finished his breakfast, Sparky immediately went out the door and started looking for a replacement for Jib. He headed down to the mall and saw Mall Cop DFG outside the same tuxedo shop Jib and Sparky had tried to rob. For a second, Sparky wanted to go head over to her and talk about the good ol' time they had roleplaying as jedi, but then remembered that this was an entire new universe and she would be super confused. Sparky then decided to try to replace Jib with DFG. She didn't look old at all. She was probably only 15 and this was her summer job. He decided to try talking to her like he did with Jib. "So, uh, hey," he nervously said to her. "I saw you were lonely and thought you might want someone to talk to. "Not now, kid. I'm doing my job." DFG responded as she held her hand out like a traffic officer. Sparky felt the same depression he felt when he realized he couldn't talk to Jib and walked away wretchedly. He found quite a few other people he thought were cute and was rejected. Eventually, Sparky just gave up and went home. It was already 11:00 PM so he just decided to go to bed. He awoke the next morning and felt glad it was already the third day. Sparky pulled out his phone to text Jib, but then remembered he couldn't. Sparky lived the last day like he would before he had met Jib. He got out of bed, ate some breakfast, wasted time on his phone, and then went to bed. Only today, he decided to do something a little different. He didn't go to bed. Instead, Sparky stayed up all night just desperately waiting for 12 AM to strike the clock. To keep his energy up, he did take a cat nap which lasted about an hour and woke up to find that it was 11:59. A smile spread across his face. Only 60 more seconds until he was out of this bland, miserable life forever. He waited and waited and finally, the minute had passed. Sparky was back in the clouds with Gymnastics. "Are you ready to start the next three days?" she asked. It was like no time had passed in this universe. Sparky was sent to the universe and came back only a few seconds after. "That universe is absolutely depressing. I definitely won't need to try out the second option." Sparky looked very determined. "Fine," Gym said. "You've made your choice. Say the word." Sparky looked Gymnastics in the eye and said the word she had asked him to say. "No." Sparky was immediately transferred into this universe where Jib's house was knocked down and he was outside of that disaster, standing with Jib. Once Sparky turned to face his lover, he automatically jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. After the hug ended, Jib had a serious look on his face. "Sparky, the night when we got kidnapped, there was something important I wanted to ask you." Jib got down on one knee. Sparky was blushing harder than he ever has. Jib reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it up and inside of it was a beautiful diamond ring. Sparky was smiling super hard and felt like a little kid on Christmas. "Sparky... will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?" Sparky took the ring out, and put it on his finger. "I will".

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will say that everything said within this forum post actually happened and was then turned into a forum post. Sparky and I have been happily married for 22 years and would like to once again thank everyone for reading into a bit of our lives! :)