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Southern Horns P.2


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:loka: Southern Horns :loka:

thumb-1920-1011260.jpgOn the mushroom isle rested a legendary floating kingdom off of the coast of the sea, just before entering the clay cliffs. This kingdom, signified the complete separation of the isle to the rest of Ascalon. The gateway to the west, Myrefall, was a powerful kingdom that had control of the mushroom isle all the way to the clay cliffs. The queen had sent a message to them to request more land on the tip of the isle. However, their response was something she had not prepared for. Within the week, armies of Myrefall soldiers were aligned upon the borders of Eldamar, led by King Gabrosen. The scene begins with the streets of Eldamar empty. The docks were empty and even the markets. The scene also has an ominous feel to it, as it showed soldiers running past the streets with their battle armor on towards the front of the evacuated town. As this was going on, there were people running inside their homes closing their doors and windows, and locking them so that they would be safe from harm. Eldamar elven archers manned the walls backed by heavy swords, Eldamar Sea Guards, and Summoners. Down by the main courtyard where the gate the city rest, it was heavily manned backed by heavy spears and bow Calvary that were in preparation for the enemy forces to break their gates. 10b86da6b279d96b9ca827d620d59caf.jpg

Both armies were at a standstill, then all of a sudden a small detachment of Myrefall household Calvery backed by Gabrosen walked to gates of Eldamar. Gabrosen was in the middle of the detail, sitting on his horse with a big crown upon his head. The gates of Eldamar opened with Steve, and an eldamar sea guard to Castalinas left and Msittig and a summoner to her right. Lord Rayward manned the walls as he was in command of the queen’s soldiers. Castalina and her company met Gabrosen and his detail in the middle of the field. As they approached they see a dramatic and static Gabrosen, “Hello, friends. I heard your queen, Castalina has requested to speak with me.” Gabrosen says in a light voice. He sits back on his horse and looks at Castalina with a smile, “Indeed I have, but I was not expecting to be attacked as well” She replied in a calm, stubborn, and aggravated tone. Gabrosen lifted his left hand in a sign of peace, “Ah no need to worry, they are just here to secure my safety. Now I remember you sent a letter requesting more land?” He said. Castalina looked intently at Gabrosen, “Indeed your grace. Since you have so much land on the isle and the clay cliffs, would you mind leaving the top two territories of the isle to Eldamar? We have surely proven we wish no ill will upon you.” Gabrosen ponders in thought. “Actually, I do mind. It’s going to cost you.” He says in a conniving tone. “What are your terms?” Castalina asked. Gabrosen looked off into the distance and smiled, he looked at Castalina and told her “576 diamonds per territory.” Everyone scuffed as Castalina gasped and replied in a questioning and petty way, “That’s a full stack of diamond blocks. There is no way we can accumulate so much for a single territory. That offer is way too unreasonable.” He replied quickly saying “Too late, my mind is made up. Will that be all? ” As he smiles mischievously. Castalina looked at Gabrosen, and turned her horse back to Eldamar followed by the rest. As Gabrosens armies began to march back into their Homeland, the walls of Eldamar were still manned throughout the night as Castalina didn’t trust Gabrosen. The following morning, Castalina woke up in her bed and was told that she had a guest waiting for her in the courtyard of the castle. She walked down in her gown and saw Steve standing there, as he was looking around and fixing his hair waiting for Castalina to walk down the steps. She stopped for a moment until Steve noticed her and chuckled. “Who are you pampering yourself up for?” She says in a mocking and jokingly tone. “Only for the fairest of them all. May we take a stroll?” Steve replies in a charming and joking tone. She nodded gratefully and smiled. They began to walk down the stairs and they began to walk the castle gardens. Overlooking them was a concerned Msittig who then walked back into his quarters from his balcony.

Dinner time was arising and the queen had been through a day of hard work. She began to walk into the dining room to eat with her generals and other nobles. All of a sudden Msittig pulled her aside as servants entered the room to serve food. “My lady May I have a moment?” He asked in a quick tone. “Of course, if you’ll excuse me, gentlemen.” She says as the general's bow to her. “How was your breakfast this morning?” He asked in a petty and curious tone. She stutters and replies quickly. “Bre…breakfast was fine.” She looked around a moment and began to slowly walk away. Before she got too far Msittig told her “Stay on task, my lady. It’s not worth it right now”. Knowing that they both know how she feels for Steve, neither of them directly mentioned it. She turned shocked and nodded with a slight smile on her face and walked away quickly to the dining room. As Msittig was beginning to follow her, he saw Steve as he entered through the front door of the keep. Steve took off his hood which was attached to his cloak, he began to look around and nodded to Msittig who was eyeballing him from across the room with an evil eye. Steve walked into the dining room as two eldamar sea guards opened the door followed by Msittig. As they entered the dining room Castalina had reserved a seat for Steve to sit next to her. As everyone began to eat and small chatter began, Rayward who was sitting at the opposite edge of the table, looked at Msittig and then looked at Steve with a look of distaste upon his face as he didn’t even touch his food. Steve grinned and chuckled and continued to eat his food.

1cde2398a8d2ba8491e6d26e1661b8dc.jpgAfter dinner, Castalina bid everyone a good night and walked to her room. In her nightgown, before she went to bed, she pondered at the stars in thought from her balcony. Then suddenly, she saw Steve in the courtyard as he had appeared to be rehearsing something to himself. She snuck outside into the courtyard with her gown on and looked at him from behind a pillar. He was pacing back and forth rehearsing lines on how to ask Castalina to marry him. She walked into the courtyard with the night sky lighting it. Startled he says “My... my lady. I was not expecting you to be out this late. How much…. did you….hear?” She replied in a strict tone “I heard enough.” Steve didn’t know how to reply as he was going to put the ring in his pocket. Castalina looked up and smiled, and said: “Because my answer is yes.”. A grin as wide as he could fix rose on Steves face, he ran up to her and began to give her a massive hug her lifting her off her feet and spinning her around as they laughed. He then bowed to her and said “I bid you a good evening my lady. How should I leave the castle? I take it the gates are well guarded?” She laughed and replied, “I’ll bring you through an entrance I used to use as a little girl.” They both ran out of the courtyard laughing. However, upon the balcony of the courtyard stood Msittig who stared longingly into the night sky with a worried look on his face.