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Southern Horns P.1


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:loka: Southern Horns :loka:
Long ago, it was springtime in the mushroom isle, and Eldamar held by its Queen, Castalina, was leading the town with the advisement of her most trusted advisor at the time, Msittig. Trade was booming in this season, as imports were coming from the mighty kingdoms of Eldritch and Valentia who at the time owned Ascalon. The scene now begins with Castalina looking out of the window of her parents bedroom, which is now hers. She is overlooking the port as she is watching covenant ships unload spices and goods to her people. She also noticed a company of clavery coming in from a border patrol expidetion as the streets are filled with people. Her Royal Advisor Msittig entered the room from behind her and bowed. “My lady, the shipments from the capitol Eldritch and Valentia have come. However I do bring some bad news.” Msittig said as Castalina then turned around and walked toward a nightstand. She began to pour two glasses of wine as Msittig was awaiting for Castalina to say something. She turned towards him and handed him a glass of wine. “Well, out with it.” She says as she smiles and sips the wine as she continues to walk past him.


He chuckles, “Your grace the farmers have received yet another unfruitful harvest. The lands on the isle are far too harsh for this sort of farming. May I suggest -“ Msittig was abruptly cut off when a high elven guard walked in the room with the sound of his armor clanking together. The guard bowed towards Castalina and said “Your grace, Lord RayWard request your presence at the front gate at once.” He bowed once more before the queen, and turned towards Msittig as he gave him a respectful nod before exiting the room. Castalina began to exit the room with a worried Msittig following her urgently. The halls of the castle were filled with nobles and maidens who all bowed at the queen as she began to walk past them towards the gate. While they were heading to the gates, Msittig was trying to finish his statement, “Your grace as I was saying, we need to think about looking elsewhere if we really wish on building a kingdom to last a very long time. The ground here is too harsh, and the farmers are talking about migrating north to more fertile lands. They spoke of heading towards the ancient forest of Astoria or even unholy lands Miracalis.” As Castalina was walking she stopped firmly and looked at Msittig, “You know how I feel about leaving this place. I grew up here, and my family ruled here for generations..before mother died she told me to keep the city running and to look after the people and-” , before Cast is able to finish her sentence, an insistent Msittig cut her off by continuing his statement, “Your grace I understand you are still mourning the death of Theadora but it has been 5 years now. However if you want to prosper even more then you would be wise to think on it. It’s what the people need. It’s what King Erin and Queen Theadora would want too. ” Castalina quickly glanced at Msittig with a mourning look, she lowered her head in thought and continued to walk towards the gate of the city where she was needed.

MV5BMGRkODIyZmYtNzRiNS00NTEwLTg5ZWEtMjUxZDgzMDUzYjYyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDQwODY1NTY@._V1_SY1000_CR...jpgOnce she arrived at the gate, Lord RayWard along with a crowd of commoners looked at her with an unsure look on their face. A ranger, with a cloak on got off of his horse as he walked up to the queen. Before he got too close, Rayward drew his sword in direction of ranger standing between Castalina and the ranger, “uncloak yourself now before the presence of the queen” Rayward says in a authoritative and loud voice. The ranger however did not comply, he instead pulled out his sword and was going to get on one knee. Before he could even get on his knee, archers from the gatehouse wall aimed their bows at him from the backside, two guards next to the queen aimed their Spears at the ranger and two summoners activated their wands standing infront of the queen. The ranger now cautious, slowly proceeded to get on his knee and bowed to the queen. She stood there fearless with her arms in front of her dress, she looked down at him and told him, “Rise. I’m afraid I wasn’t expecting company today.” . He rose and took off his cloak and revealed his face to the queen. “My name is Steve. I heard about an the elven queen ruling in the west, and heard she was ever so fair in her rule and beauty. I had to come see for myself.” Steve said in a relaxed tone as he put away his sword with a smirk on his face looking at the queen. Lord Msittig smirked and looked at the queen with his head bowed, she looked at Steve and smiled. Lord Rayward frowned, “Steve…why do I know that name, oh I know why. You are a spy! Sent from the covenant!” Rayward said as he spoke aloud in an incriminating and petty tone as the crowd gasped, “Of course this happens when our people finally have bright years ahead of us... the covenant must see us as a threat. My lady this man is known for causing trouble wherever he goes. I strongly advise you ask him to leave at once-“. Rayward is cut off by a laughing Steve, “Your grace if I may, this “lord” tells you lies. I am an honest man. Me and Rayward go way back, we’ve just had a sore past history together is all. Regardless of what he says, I wish to help you in whatever you need. You have my service.” Lord Rayward looked at him with a snarky look, he turned to the queen and bowed to her, he rose and walked up to Castalina and whispered in her ear “This man is trouble. Don’t say I did not warn you….”, Rayward took a step back and looked at Castalina in her eyes, he then turned and looked at Steve with an unfruitful look on his face before he walked away. Steve stood there with a nonchalant pose, with his hands on his belt buckle and tilting his head back attempting to hide his grin as he watched a flustered Rayward walk away back to is manor.

7a1e05e8f021cbe2b268d8f77e314957.jpgThe Queen turned her head as she watched Rayward and then looked back at Steve in thought, she smiles at Steve attempting to hide her smile from his charm, “Well you haven’t proven to me you are a threat. However you are dangerously charming. Welcome to Eldamar Steve. Guards please find this gentleman a home and some warm food. We shall speak in the morning.” She turned and walked away followed by her summoners, nobles and trusted advisor Msittig. Msittig looked at the queen and began to speak to her as they walked away back to the castle, “I saw that longing look you gave him. Stay focused my lady we have a lot of task we need to tend to. If he becomes a distraction, I’ll remove him from the city myself."


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