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Suggestion Sort Enchanted Books in VS by Level/Rarity


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As of now (unless something has changed since Void Storage was implemented that I'm not aware of), enchanted books sort by the first enchantment on the book. Due to this system, NerdNation has opted to manually store books rather than using VS for them, simply because it isn't efficient or user-friendly.

Sure, books like this would work fine:

Protection IV

Or even like this:

Depth Strider III
Protection I

But when you get books like this...

Protection I
Efficiency IV

... sorting the book as a Protection book, which the VS system currently does, just isn't a smart way of doing things. In the case of the last example, sorting the book as either Mending (due to rarity) or Efficiency (due to level) would be far more helpful to the Town.

My suggestion is as follows. As always, I'm unaware of technical limitations, and I'm sure my idea can use tweaking, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Sort books by enchantment level, and filter out treasure enchantments and curses.

Firstly, a book put into VS should check what the highest level of enchantment is. In this example...

Protection I
Unbreaking III

... the book would be sorted as an Unbreaking book, because Unbreaking holds the highest level enchantment. One aspect I'm unsure on is how the book would decide what to sort as if two of the same enchantment level existed on the book. Ideas?

Secondly, books should prioritize ultra-rare enchantments like Mending, Frost Walker, and the Curses. If a book has any of these rare enchantments, it would make most sense to prioritize them over normal enchantments.

A book like this...

Protection IV
Curse of Binding
Unbreaking III

... would therefore be sorted as a Curse of Binding book. As with books having multiple enchantments of the same level, I'm not sure how a book with, say, Mending and Frost Walker, would sort.

What are your thoughts? How would we be able to solve some of the issues mentioned above? Does your Town use the current form of sorting books in VS, and why? Let me know!