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Seeking Religious Advice


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While walking through Aladra, you notice a new sign posted on a notice board.

Seeking Religious Advice

I am looking to purchase religious texts, no matter what faith or beliefs are within, or how old they are. Beyond this, I would also like to meet with religious leaders from any faith for matters of a delicate subject. In short, we need assistance in the redemption of a... slightly... okay, mostly... demonic soul, and moreover, the purification of demonic blood coursing through the veins of several people dear to me. Also, if you have any information regarding the slaying of high level demons, that would be useful. If you believe your god or gods are capable of assisting us, please contact me. You know how.
Signed, Jedoi Alduin-Talongon, High Queen of Auru


Basically I want to buy any religious book in game, and would love to RP with any priests/prophets/religious leaders. We're having some really fun lore that I'm in the process of writing about. Eventually it will be posted on the forums, and the characters we RP with will be included. Respond here or message me in discord if you have any books to sell or want to RP with us. Thanks!​