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Ronshaud X MasterTargaryen

Should they:

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This just in, Ronshaud and the Elder, MasterTargaryen, have had a brotherly relationship for a long time. Some players have shipped these two because of how close they were. Rongaryen has been the topic in a few Dellsmite related Skype chats. Should the two remain brothers, or should they have the dragon baby that their fans have made fanfictions about? I am your Lokan Relationship guru here with your Lokan news.

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I am not ashamed to admit I created this ship. It was a very interesting part of My Immortal Loka: The Worst Loka Fanfiction Ever Written.

Ronn, the son of Maul (Art) and Ender (Def) marries literal dragon Aegon and have twins, EastBowmen and Smaug.