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Ronshaud Risewell


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Our story begins beyond the horizon of our sight, to the south of Loka. Past our eyes, where the Artifacts protection ends, lie a series of islands known to its residents as Steamshire Islet. The tale begins when our protagonist was just a young man, an apprentice to a gifted redstoner where his fate is still unclear.

Under the stone playing of the mechanical hub of the main draw bridge connecting the 2 largest islands the hugging of a young man is heard. He crawls his way out of the cramp space and onto the street where an aged man stands. His old eyes look down at his young students. He tips his hat to rest on his upper brow and places his wooden cane on the cobble street parallel to the wooden bridge (basically the man I am picturing is Morgan Freeman)

The man chuckles as he hands the young man a handkerchief from his breast pocket. "Now Ron, if you want to be a gifted redstoner like me you need to be able to work in small spaces." says the elderly man.

Ron looks up at his kind expression "Yes Adriel." Ron takes the cloth and wipes his brow and is relieved from the bridge repairs.

Ron gathers his tools and begins a hasty stride home. On Steamshire Islet buildings tower high, an industrial sort mixed with a warm comfort that could only be described as steampunk. It seems here that the way the houses are built that homes were stacked one on top of the other.

Ascending an outdoor stone stairwell to the 3rd level home Ron enters to see his mother, Mrs. Risewell. She is kind-like, like Adriel, old and wise. She stands next to the charcoal fueled oven and as her son enters she pulls out 2 roast chickens.

"Oh you're home," she says with a smile, "I made your favorite. How was Adriel's lesson today?"

"Good, great even. He had me try a bit at repairing the Baliton Bridge. The gear box where the redstone wiring is kept, let's just say that there isn't much leg room- or standing room."

"Aw my little Ronshaud is growing up."

Ronshaud's mother handed him a plate of chicken and he thanks her before ascending a ladder to his room. Not stopping at his room he passes to the balcony where he spent most of his time admiring the beautiful view to the North. When he finished he set his plate aside and let his hands find his pants to wipe away the grease.

Leaping the fence be crossed a small bridge which leads to a small landing platform. Attached to the platform was an airship that was barley afloat. The main mode of transportation here is either walking or an airship of some sorts. This ship Ron bought for cheap as its previous drunk of a pilot flew it into a cliff face. Ron's mentor suggested that be purchase the ship and repair it in his off time.

The shaky aircraft was untrustworthy with one person's weight, let alone 2. Taking unsteady foot steps onto the craft he sat at the main propulsion system at the stern of the ship. Spending 2 hours under the blazing sun he wiped his sweaty brow with his forearm. The blobs of engine oil left steaks of black on his already dark complexion.

"Hey Ron, still working on this heap of scrap I see." said a voice from above.

Looking up he sees a lifelong friend, "I'll have you know that this thing isn't a heap of scrap Amelia."

"Whatever you say Ron, permission to come aboard?" she says with a sarcastic smirk.

"Good God no!"

Amelia smiles and remains on the balcony connecting to her room. Ron looks up at her for a moment and returns to his work. She has very light skin, rather pale; one of the few people on Steamshire Islet to possess almost white skin. Her hair hangs loose, appearing to be dyed bright red but she insists that it is natural. Since they both matured Ron has felt differently about their relationship, but has never admitted it and can only hope she feels the same.

------ • ------

Several Months Later

------ • ------

On the smallest inhabited island Adriel and Ron stand on a large stone landing pad where airships would normally land, but today it is covered in redstone wiring that even Adriel can't make sense of. He shakes his head and gives Ron a look as if he said "What the hell is wrong with you?" Using his cane as a pointing stick he instructs Ron how to manage the mess he made. When the redstone current Flores correctly Adriel notices that Ron seems distracted.

"Okay, what's wrong? Don't tell me nothing as I know you son and there is something bothering you." says Adriel, breaking the silence bluntly.

After a moment Ron looks up at Adriel, "Okay fine. It's my friend Amelia. I don't know why this bothers me so much but she has a new boyfriend."

Adriel takes a step back and laughs to himself, "Son you're jealous. Amelia having a boyfriend is bothering you because you want what that other guy has, and that's Amelia."

Ron smacks his lips together, not wanting to admit his feeling but he knows that Adriel is right. He asks him what he should do and all Adriel can muster up is that he admit to Amelia how he feels.

Back home Ron finds himself working on his airship (which is nearly ready for its first true flight) but finds himself waiting for Amelia to gaze down at him from her balcony. He wants to see Amelia standing on her balcony, looking down at him with her red hair and sarcastic expression, asking permission to come aboard a beautiful airship ready for a maiden voyage.

But when he looks up he sees no one there, he is lost in his mixed feelings of love and wanting to maintain their friendship.

Leaping off his ship and into a water trough that flows out into the many harbors. Riding the current down into the pier he purchased an ink sac from a local squid fisherman. Returning to his ship he writes his troubles out into a heart-felt story of his life. Somewhere hidden in his writings he confessed his love for Amelia.

"As long as I know in my heart she is happy with Hector, I am happy for her, even if it means I myself am dying inside for her love I only want for myself." he wrote.

At some point between signing the book under Ronshaud Risewell and dedicating it to Amelia he has fallen asleep (with the help of a very large and empty bottle of rye), his head resting on a pile of canvas cloth used to make the balloon for the ship.

Somewhere between dusk and dawn a massive storm swell thrashed in from the north. The winds wailed and cried, houses crumbled on top of each other under the force of the gales. The thin ropes anchoring Ron's ship rubbed against the rough stone siding of a house, causing the blimp to snap free of the rope and fly away with Ron still on the ship.

Ron being an incredibly heavy sleeper somehow remained knocked out for a short time while the ship was free (the rye must have helped). A large updraft of wind sent the airship high above the rooftops, but he hull clipped a roof knocking Ron awake.

Jerked awake and head still spinning he rushed to his feet and tried with all his might to steady the ship and steer it toward the islands. The storm was far too strong and the guide find of the ship were blown off in the guests. Ron's only hope was to pray that he lived the storm and repair the ship and fly home. Crawling into the belly of the hull to protect him from the storm.

Day break comes late for Ron due to a nasty hangover and cloud cover. Ron crawls out from the trapped door and sees his hard work almost destroyed. Still afloat, but almost ruined. He gather his remaining tools to try and repair the gear box but it's almost hopeless. Losing his compass to the storm and the sun hidden by cloud cover it's impossible to tell which direction the wind is taking him.

After several days stranded in the jet stream Ron sees a familiar sight. Land; but not Steamshire Islet. Suddenly he passes through a shield of golden light, like a massive some of protection over the land from something. Coming in closer the land appears to be an extreme hills biome with spruce trees and tall stone cliffs adjacent to the ocean.

The wind carries the airship for only a few thousand blocks more until Ron is forced to make a rough landing. Propping the ship upside-down to make a shelter for his book, but it's gone. Notch knows only where he is. Alone, hungry, and frightened he sits waiting for something, or someone.

------ • ------


------ • ------

A day or so later a man by the name of Steeler find him and takes Ron under his wing, becoming a very close friend in time. They leave the airship in pieces as it is beyond repair and built a more homely shelter.

Later a very kind but truthful town owner allows them to take residents in her great walls. At some point Ron began to perfect his redstoning and began rebuilding his airship. The balloon of his new craft decorated with the colors of his new him, the Kingdom of Dellsmite.

Back on Steamshire Islet the residents wander the streets and admire the power of natures' wrath on their poor island town. A book lies on the street, watered down but still legible when Amelia finds it. Intrigued she reads it and finds that the book was written by her old friend, who is nowhere to be seen. On the last page she reads "As long as I know in my heart she is happy with Hector, I am happy for her, even if it means I myself am dying inside for her love I only want for myself."

Tears of joy break her eyes and run over her rosy cheeks, "He loves me..." she says with a heart-felt smile.

Searching for Ron she towers every cliff-face and standing building, but he is nowhere to be seen. He's gone, she cries inside, the love of my life was just a balcony away, and now he's gone.