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Return to the Wastelands: Part VII


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In the ruins of Spawn at 2B2T, PopBob started to pick himself up from the rubble. Muttering to himself about losing to Fit again, a voice soon spoke to him. Pop had crashed in of the giant white towers and he was currently in what was formerly an office. PopBob looking up and seeing a blue portal opened up in the office, the Maestro walked up to him.
"PopBob, my most loyal servant. I have something very important for you to do for me. I need you to capture a certain person for me in another world... Loka."
PopBob growled at the mention of Loka.
" I know you were upset over being beaten by Fit again but we can hit his friend where it hurts... strike his homeworld... I need you to capture someone named Skuhoo for me..."
"The annual 7044th Minecraft Hunger Games will start in... 2 minutes".
Felix, on his own, was freaking out. What does the Hunger Games mean?
" Jesus Kristus". Felix said to himself.
Judging by the giant glass dome over the area, he was in sort of some arena. Was he going to have to fight to the death? Where was Andy?
Felix, not having a proper weapon besides an Iron Sword, knew he was srcewed. His only option would to hide and wait it out. He walked towards the logging mill, praying to whatever God that was out there that he would survive and Andy would find him.
Andy and Fit found themselves, standing in a wide-open field. In the middle of it, lay several chests and a beacon, shooting up in the sky with Netherrack outlining a pentagram. Looking around, Andy could many other people stuck in place on these small, cobblestone platforms and all of them looked at each other, with murder or fear in their eyes. Andy tried to step forward, but he was stuck on the cobblestone platform, held back by some invisible forcefield. Andy saw Fit on the other side of the field, and the two men nodded to each other. Then a booming female voice filled the arena:
" The annual 7044th Minecraft Hunger Games will start in 3...2..1...
Jed, Tee, and CS after walking through the portal, found themselves in a desert. It was a boring, generic desert that they would see on their world. In the distance, they could see a ruined desert temple. Turning around, the portal disappeared behind them. And then the hologram popped back up. It was future Andy again:
" Look, I forgot to tell you guys, this is a fight to the death arena match. Andy and Fit are in the middle of it, and they are in the most danger. I tried to teleport them somewhere else, but for some reason, something messed with my signal and they ended up in the middle of the arena."

" Andy's friend, Felix from All-World, is currently the one who is the safest. He's not very far from here, hiding in an old logging mill. Seek him out first. Andy and Fit have the weapons to survive for now. Find Felix, and regroup. We must also the champion. We need them to stop the Maestro. I'll update you again soon when all of you meet up."

And just like that, the hologram was gone.
" It would have great if future Andy told us this before we went through the portal." Tee said.
Jed, pulling her sword and pointing it, said:
" I'm ready for a little challenge. It's been a while since I've done some PVP."
CS chimed in:
" Let's go find this Felix."
And the blare of an alarm went throughout the arena. The invisible barriers around Andy and Fit dropped. All the other people in a mad rush, ran for the chests in the middle. Andy and Fit ducked out though and ran for the forests. Soon, an explosion rang from the center of the field and arrows went flying in Andy's direction. One just barely missed him. The female voice blared again:
" PopularMMOs is the first down, killed in an explosion by... SkydoesMinecraft."
" Another one bites the dust." Andy said, running around the field towards Fit.
Fit was running along the side of the forest towards Andy and they were so close when an explosion went off in front of Andy. It threw him back and he crashed into a tree, sending a wave of pain through his spine. Fit, running towards Andy and finally reaching him said:
" Are you ok?"
" No, I'm not f*cking ok, do I look ok?" Andy yelled in pain.
Right as Fit was helping Andy up, another arrow whizzed by his head. Andy and Fit turned around to see what was facing them and it was another player in the arena. A man wearing a black hoodie and googles looked at both of them with murderous intent.
" Die, you pricks!" He yelled as he launched another arrow at them. The arrow missed them as they dodged it and it exploded when it collided with a tree.
" Oh great, he's got explosive arrows," Andy said.
"Well, I've got a Tommy Gun." Fit said, pulling one of the weapons from his backpack. Fit, then firing off the trigger, aimed at the man with explosive arrows. The man ducked and dodged and bullets sprayed the trees nearby. And Andy heard a scream of pain go out from the man and then a moan of collapse. The female voice boomed in the arena again:
" theDiamondMinecart... killed by FitMC with a gun... 23 players remain."
More arrows were then lobbed at Andy and Fit and Andy said,
" Come on, we need to go find Felix and regroup. Quick into the forest."
Both men, picking up their bags, bolted further into the pine forest. Fit fired off his gun more as five players went running after them, swords raised in hand ready to perform the kill.
Jed, Tee, and CS found their way to the logging mill as per given the instructions by future Andy. It was old, rundown and covered in plants and rusty logging equipment sat scattered all over the yard. A fence made of scrap metal surrounded the compound A single, metal tower was the tallest structure in the compound. CS pulling out his sword motioned to Jed and Tee to walk around the sides of the compound to make sure it was all clear. The three of them went off in separate directions while CS walked down through the middle of the compound. Jed went along the left side while Tee went along the right side.
Looking around both ways and looking up to make sure nobody was coming from a neighboring tree, CS sheathed his sword in his side. Relaxing, he made his way over to the tower, but his hand still on his blade. He reached the ladder at the bottom of the tower and he started to climb up. And then an egg was thrown in CS's face. Falling down the ladder and landing on the ground in a heap, CS started to wipe the egg yoke off his face. And he heard something like cursing, but in another language, he didn't know.
" Jesus Kristus! Get away from me, I'm not afraid to throw more! I will egg you to death!" the eggthrower in the tower said.
CS getting back up, tried to glance into the tower but more eggs were thrown at him. CS, dodging the eggs said:
" Is your name Felix? I'm a friend of friends of Andy, Jed and Tee, your friend Andy. I'm not here to hurt you. I was sent here to help find you. "
" How do I know you're not trying to play some trick on me? I will not hesitate, bitch to throw more eggs."
"Look man, we're trying to help stop the Maestro and we need your help to do it, so will you please let me come up the tower to talk to you. I know where Andy and Fit are."
Felix, putting down the eggs, said:
" Bring this Jed and Tee you speak of and leave your weapons on the ground. Then we will talk."
" Jed, Tee, I found 'em. He was throwing eggs at me from the tower."
Jed and Tee ran over and joined CS in looking up at Felix.
" What a strange-looking man," Jed said.
CS then said:
" He said to leave our weapons on the floor in the tower. It's the only way we're going to be able to talk to him without him throwing eggs at us. I don't why he doesn't fully trust us."
The booming female voice had been going off in the background, announcing the death of more and more players.
" BajanCanadian... killed by Vintagebeef... by suffocating him with sand... eleven players remain."
Jed, Tee and CS started to climb the metal ladder up into the tower, to meet this new strange Swedish friend of Andy's. Soon of all would be together. But nothing could prepare for the battle at hand that was about to happen.
Andy and Fit ran further and further into the forest, with the five players still chasing after them. More arrows were lobbied and Fit would stop once in a while and fire off his gun. But that did nothing to dissuade the players from killing them. They kept dodging around the bullets he fired off. Andy and Fit eventually came to a clearing in the forest. Spotting what looked like an old mill of some sorts, Andy said:
"Come on, we can trap them in there, corner them."
" Or they corner us. But what choice do we have? There's no tree high enough for us to climb."
Andy and Fit ran into the old logging mill and crouched behind some logs. The five players chasing them, split up in smaller groups with them going around to the perimeter of it, both sides. The leader of the group seemed to start walking down the middle. Fit tightened his grip on his gun and tossed Andy a pistol.
Uhhh... how do I use this thing?" Andy whispered.
" You just point and shoot." Fit said.
The leader of the group, a man wearing a striped flannel shirt and dirty jeans and a butcher's apron for some reason, held a sword up, looking around for a kill.
" How does this guy think he's gonna win with a sword against a gun?"
Fit, standing in a ballsy move stood up and unleashed his gun onto the unsuspecting attacker. The man with the apron fell over immediately and the announcer's voice boomed over the arena again:
" VintageBeef... killed by FitMC with a gun... ten players remain."
Then Andy and Fit heard some voices from the other side of the fence yell:
" Look over here, he killed Beef! They're in there! Let's kill them off."
" Ah shit, I forgot about the announcer."
The four remaining players rushed in and arrows went immediately flying off at Andy and Fit.
"Shoot them!" Andy said.
Fit, peaking up behind the log and still shooting said:
" I can't see them and can't get a good shot."
" Shit, what are we going to do?" Andy said.
And then the announcer's voice returned and said:
" JeromeASF... killed by Jedoi with a sword... 9 players remain..."
Jed? Andy thought. Turning around, he saw a welcome sight. Coming down from the metal tower came Felix, Jed, Tee and a guy Andy didn't recognize at all.
" Jed, Tee, Felix! Random guy I don't know! It's so wonderful to see you again!"
Jed, Tee, Felix, and CS ran up to Andy and Fit, diving down with them behind the logs.
Andy hugging Jed and Tee, shaking hands with Felix and getting introduced to CS, introduced them to Fit.
" Everyone, this is my ally, Fit."
Fit, still focused on trying to shoot down the three remaining players:
" Lovely to meet you folks, but we got something more pressing on our hands.".
Everyone in the group pulled out their weapons and Fit said:
" We have to find the champion future Andy was talking about. He's one of the three stalkings us. Spread out and see if you can subdue the remaining three. Don't kill them."
Everyone, with their weapons ready, ran around the compound trying to find the three remaining players. Andy then heard the device he had gotten from Fit beep and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was future Andy again.
" Hey, younger me. Look, I've found the person you need to find. His name... is UberhaxorNova. He's one of the three players that's currently trying to kill you. I don't know why he has such a strange name."
" Also, he looks like the Cookie Monster, just a much more gritter version of it. I don't have much of a connection here, but I'll be able to talk to you when you leave this reality. Future Andy out."
Andy, putting the device back in his pocket, yelled to the group:
" Don't kill the guy who looks like the cookie monster. He's the one we need."
" Awww man, ok." said CS
Man, why has my future self put with such weird people, Andy thought. Fit. Jed and Tee were the only ones he could see that could help him stop the Maestro.
One of the three remaining players jumped on Tee and managed to land a hit, minorly wounding Tee. Tee turning around hit him back and he ran off, firing more arrows. Fit fired off his gun more at him. Felix just screamed at him in Swedish.
Two of the players came back around and Andy saw him. UberhaxorNova, the man they needed. He was dressed in a grubby sweater and grubby jeans. He yelled:
" I'm gonna eat you! GET IN MY BELLY!"
" You realize I have a gun, right? And you brought a bow and arrow to a gunfight? Pathetic."
" God, these people are so weird." Tee said. Nova's teammate, jumping up on top of logs and lunging down for Felix, he screamed at him at " REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and whacked him with a nearby metal pole. The teammate went flying and crashed into a pile of metal and collapsed with a small sigh. The booming voice went off in the arena, saying:
" SkydoesMinecraft... knocked out by... Pewdiepie. Only 8 players remain."
Only two remained now. Nova, shocked by what Felix did, charged immediately for him, sword raised. Felix, screaming for help at the top of his lungs was being defended by Tee. Lashing out with his sword, Tee hit Nova but that only furthered his determination. Right before he was about to deal a blow to Tee, Nova suddenly started twitching and collapsed on the ground. The announcer spoke again:
" UberhaxorNova... tased by FitMC... only seven players remain."
Standing behind him, stood Fit with a taser
" Who's the last one then?" said Jed.
" It's me."
Andy and Fit were both shocked by who they saw. It was PopBob and he looked angrier than ever. Bolts of lightning shot out of his hands, and everyone tried to dodge him.
" How the hell did he get here?" Andy said.
" He's a servant of the Maestro and he has his ways." Fit said.
More bolts of lightning went off. Felix was hit by one of them and he screamed out in pain. Tee was hit by others and thrown into the side of the building. CS went hit by one nearby and went flying up in the air and crashed down in a slump. It was only Jed, Andy and Fit against PopBob now. Tossing Jed a gun, all three of them aimed at PopBob and started firing. But of course, the bullets did nothing. The sky above the arena started to become stormy and PopBob's eyes glowed even redder.
" Oh when master finds out what I've done, he'll be so happy. Capturing the seven of you and killing you will bring much joy to him... but especially to me."
" Yeah, only if we allow that to happen." Tee said. Tee was back up and standing at Jed's side, soon joined by CS and Felix leaning on each other for support. CS had the unconscious body of Nova on his shoulder.
" Oh, how sweet... what are you some sort of suicide squad?"
" Shut up Fresh Prince. We're gonna kick your sorry ass." Andy said.
And then the device in Andy's pocket started to vibrate. It was flashing blue. It was the sign to teleport.
"Everyone, hold hands, we're getting out of here!" Andy said. Everyone quickly grabbed hands, and in a flash of brilliant blue light, they were all gone. PopBob tried to volley off some lightning before they left, but they disappeared in a flash. Cursing his luck, PopBob said to himself:
" They may be gone, but we have successfully captured Skuhoo. Soon, the conquest of Loka and all of existence will happen. All we need next is that strange Cryptite fellow... and we can begin."
An evil smile came across his face and he started to laugh maniacally. Andy and his precious band of friends were going to lose badly. And he wanted to make sure that they had a front seat to it.
Hey everyone! That's the end of Part VII! I hope you enjoyed! Part 8 will be coming out shortly and the end of our story at hand will be in a few parts. I don't know how many more parts I'll end up writing, but I imagine at least 14. I will also put together all the threads together in one giant thread, edited properly so you can read back to back without having to go through lots of threads once I'm done writing this. Constructive criticism is appreciated! Thank you! Have a great day
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