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No Plans to Implement Religious Wars


Hey there

I remember when Loka first introduced religion quite a while back (closer to a year now!) and what I remember was the hot talk was whether it was going to do something, or if it was just who had the most on time etc. I think its' about time we change this up a little. The main talk when it was first introduced was whether there were going to be Religious Crusades or if religion gave certain towns or people buffs for being on top etc. Now I saw Mason mention this in his recent suggestion and I figured we might as well build off of it.
How it would work
The religious wars (we'll refer to them as crusades for the rest of this suggestion) would be similar to normal conquest as in there can be actual fights for which religion is superior. You can go to certain territories and spend some shards or spend some faith on creating a "monument" which could designed by a builder in each religion, or there would just be a normal design for it all.
Next if another religion wanted to stake a claim and convert the tile to their preferred religion, they could (instead of having more pvp duels) write great works or do menial tasks for 24 hours that gain "crusaders" and whoever has the most crusaders by the end of 24 hours (or whatever allotted time would be selected) would win the tile, and the tile cannot be reconverted for another 48 hours.
Now of course some may want to go on a legitimate crusade with pvp and fighting and such, which would make sense, and for this I would prefer there to be a legitimate pvp type of battle, where each religion has 1 hour to get their people online, meet up at the territory (yes actually walk or fly), then when the battle begins slay the other side and burn their monument to the ground.
To prevent constant crusades for smaller religions, each side would have to confirm for a battle before they actually do go into battle, rather than doing religious tasks and whoever has the most people on at the time wins.
And similar to the way invasions work, Crusades can be across any continent (but has to be started in the coast of any continent that is not their home continent) and can be started only by religious leaders or "priests" of sorts who are allowed to make place monuments (which would cost faith if I didn't mention that earlier), and its would only cost a little extra faith to spread a religion cross continental. This could bring fighting to places that see very little of it and could redevelop the way some people view Loka's landscape.
How to track who's winning
Now preferably there would be a religious map similar to that of the conquest map, but I am not too sure if the Loka website can handle having to constantly update three new maps every so often (these wars would only happen on continents, leaving Balak and Rivina impossible to convert). A separate way of tracking it is to add it to the /here command to see which religion holds sway within a certain tile.
Similarly to the way conquest caps work, there can be a religious gathering at the end of each month of crusading in which the winner gains 2 free monuments, leaders of the religion could possibly get a title (but that's fine if they don't), as well as faith for how much religious strength they gained, and the ability to set up their religion in another towns' home tile (something people seem to want anyways).
Oh and I almost forgot to mention religious strength, similar to conquest strength. Religious strength can be measured in how many tiles you have converted as well as how many crusades you have won, and whoever has the most, second most, and third most religious strength would gain rewards.

Idk if this is something yall would be interested in, or if the admins would want to implement, since I imagine that this would take a long time to develop (but I don't really know so don't quote me) but I think it could be an interesting idea to take people away from always fighting on the battlefield, to having to work together for their religion and to get more faith to become Loka's SUPERIOR religion.
Thanks for reading this (especially Sentries and such since I know this is a lot to read) and I hope you all agree to wanting to make religion a little cooler
Until next time


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I'd say avoid putting together a whole new combat mechanic just for holy wars since we have conquest already. But I definitely agree that an underlying game of influence that doesn't have to be won via swords could be a great way to go. Honestly the current faith could be reset, existing faiths and all, if something more engaging was to replace it.


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I was just thinking about that. I think agree to most of that but we should also add a town convert system where if you go to a towns with no holy ground you can do /rl town convert [Town Name] if the owner is online and in his town. If he accepts it than the town also has the religion's holy site there


I was just thinking about that. I think agree to most of that but we should also add a town convert system where if you go to a towns with no holy ground you can do /rl town convert [Town Name] if the owner is online and in his town. If he accepts it than the town also has the religion's holy site there
Well I was thinking that the ability to convert another town would be a one time thing that you get when you win, and you can keep doing it the more you win months or small allotted times or crusading


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Interesting concept. From what I understand of this, though, it seems like it's literally just regular Conquest renamed to Crusades. You have land, people can attack that land and claim it for their group, whoever has the most land wins... It seems like just another layer of Conquest rather than an actual new mechanic.

While I'm not opposed to the Crusades idea as a whole, I don't think this is different enough to be an idea worth implementing, as it doesn't really add anything.


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Old One
When we first added religions to Loka, they were always intended to just add to the lore and story of the server. As time has gone on, it's clear to see there is room to turn religion into a full, in depth mechanic. However we do have other features and improvements we want to add to Loka before we even look at religion. So this feature would be some time off.

Having said that we currently don't have a clear idea on how to develop this mechanic. One thing I will say is we don't want it to involve pvp like in this suggestion. We would much prefer it if another method was used to spread the influence of your religion. It's also important that religion is very much an optional mechanic and does not feel compulsory to take part in.

I like the ideas in this suggestion of seeing religious control on a loka map and the idea of titles for the dominant religion. It's just the pvp angle feels like the wrong way to approach it.