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Rare Items


Hello Everyone,

As of recent, I’ve been updating and improving the Hilo museum as a side project for myself. For those who don’t know, the town of Hilo has a custom built museum that contains several rare items, player heads from multiple worlds, and many random doodads. Over the years, Hilo members, Opyc, and I have stumbled across and gathered a sizable collection of items, but I was hoping to expand and potentially collect more items to display and show off within.
If anyone has a rare item buried inside your town, a glitched item that’s collecting dust, or a rarity inside your enderchest, please send this crazy “elderly” sheep lady a message! Would love to see what you Lokans have stumbled across yourselves over the years and I’d love to potentially display them if you are willing to sell/part/trade with your rarities!

Thanks everyone!


Well-Known Member
Just out of curiosity are you collecting Town lore items? e.g. sets, swords or industry farmed items?