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Official Update Thread

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Market 2.0 is out!
Place Buy Orders, Store your Shards, Sell ALL the things!

Neat Tech!

While not a particularly glamorous feature, the new Market is certainly one of the more complex, thorough, and advance features we've made for Loka to date. There're a lot of tech improvements and backend changes to how the Market works that will trickle down to other features in the future. These backend changes will actually set us up for way more powerful and awesome stuff in the future, so there are a number of wins here beyond the obvious feature changes.

Buy Orders

  • The biggest addition in Market 2.0 is Buy Orders. They're the exact opposite of sales that you're used to in the Market 1.0. Where sales allow you to sell things you have, Buy Orders allow you to put up shards up-front to request things you want.​
    • We so often see people requesting bulk items in public chat for their various projects, and now Buy Orders allow them to formalize those requests by asking for them through the Market.​
  • Buy Orders and Sales are the two options you are presented when interacting with Market Chests. You may shift-left and shift-right-click the chests to go straight to the two sections for speed's sake.​
  • Buy Orders that have been on the Market for 2 weeks will automatically expire and your shards will return to your Escrow.​


  • Sales act in very much the same was as Buy Orders now, and they're used no different than in the old Market. Simply, the GUI has changed, and we stack both BO's and Sales in order to better fit things in the Market visually.​
  • A new feature is that you can sell ANY item at ANY Chest. Your sale will automatically show in the proper chest, but just for ease-of-use, you can sell anywhere.​
  • Sales that have been on the Market for 2 weeks will automatically expire and your sale items will return to your Escrow.
Shard Cores

  • Due to the increasing use of shards, we felt it necessary to add another shard-increment. Shard Cores (Heart of the Sea) are now an item that represents 64 shards. 8 shards = 1 cluster, 8 clusters = 1 core, etc.​
  • Because of the new Shard Core item, and the greater use of shards around Loka as a whole, these changes led to the addition of...​
The Shard Pouch

  • As Loka makes more use of shards, we felt it necessary to facilitate using them in a nicer way without having to also juggle your inventory. Especially considering instances where buying shards led to clusters having to split into shards, clusters, etc. Knowing this would be another factor more complicated given Shard Cores, we wanted an easy, self-managing inventory just for Shards.​
  • The Shard Pouch, accessible in /b, next to the Soulbound Bag, is an extra bag that can only store shards.
  • Anytime you close the pouch, it will automatically condense all the shards into Cores, Clusters, and then Shards respectively.​
  • Any purchases that require shards will attempt to:
    1. Use any shards found in your inventory, then
    2. Use any shards from your Shard Pouch.
  • The Shard Pouch will do a lot of things for you to make life easier. The following actions will automatically send shards to your shard pouch instead of your inventory:
    • Shard splits (Like when 1 core splits into some smaller subset of shards)
    • Ores converted at the Ore Exchanger will automatically send the shards to your pouch, rather than back to the chest.
    • Claiming shards from Escrow will auto-deposit into your pouch.
  • Just for clarification, picking up shards off the ground, or getting them out of chests will NOT send them straight to your pouch, as people will still likely want to trade shards, etc.
  • NOTE: The Shard Pouch is NOT A SOULBOUND BAG! If you are killed anywhere where keep-inventory is off (the wilds), and you have any shards in your shard pouch, they will drop!
    • When in Keep-inv areas like Conquest Battle Zones, etc, your pouch will not drop if you die.

  • Items in your escrow are no longer permanent. Any items in Escrow that haven't been claimed within 30 days will be deleted
  • Most market items have been reorganized. Chests all look and feel the same now, and we can support any number of items in any chest now.​
  • With enchantable items, there is a GUI to be able to define the enchants you are requesting on an item's Buy Order. Only items with the exact enchants can be used to complete the order (be crappy otherwise).​
  • In the Heads Chest, you can now request:​
    • Any Player Head; simply put up shards to buy any (valid Lokan player) head that somebody wishes to sell to you.​
    • Specific Player Heads. You can type the name of a player's head you'd like to buy (maybe better than bounties?!).​
  • Blood will work this way too once it's out (more below)
  • Some players' previous Market sales and escrow are missing, but are recoverable. We will be restoring these items to your escrow in the coming day or so, so hang tight!
Coming Soon!

  • Historical Pricing Data will be tracked and used in exciting ways. We will track every single sale and buy order completed. With that data we will be able to calculate average prices for items on Loka, giving players a better understanding of the state of our Economy.
    • Once we have sufficient valid data about orders completed, we will begin to indicate the average price of items when you put up sales and buy orders. We could potentially even do some charts and graphs!!!
  • Some chests, namely Alcohol and Blood, are still WIP and coming soon. Couple kinks to work out there but they'll likely be available in the coming days.
  • As always, we look forward to hearing feedback, bugs, etc. Please make use of /report if you find anything funky!

Go Forth and Buy!


Staff member
  • Escrow should be fixed in terms of claiming shards from it.
  • Completing Buy Orders should work a little better. Additionally, when attempting to fulfill a Buy Order, if you have the exact item, then the sell will go through immediately. If, however, the market is "unsure" which item you could potentially use (think same item, but has town lore, etc), it'll prompt you to pick exactly which item you'd like to use to fulfill the order.
  • This also should fix general bugs trying to complete buy orders for weapons, etc.
  • Items like Enchanting Books for sale now properly show their extra metadata (for enchanted books, this means showing their enchant like Mending, etc).
  • Fixed XP Bottles not working
  • #market has had some general cleanup and fixes. This is something we'll probably continue to polish over time so it's as readable as possible, while also fixing missing icons for things.
  • Some chests are still in-progress. Alcohol is being weird at the moment.


Staff member
  • You can now spam-buy from Vendors at will. We finally narrowed down and fixed the bug where buying things like Ancient Ingots would charge you for 16, but give you amounts less than that at times.
  • Fixed a bug where players could login extra-special-like and become fully invisible to all players online at the time.
  • Fixed a loading-bug when shift-clicking to access market chests quicker.
  • Whitelisted breaking shulkers in beacon areas. Dunno how this still sometimes breaks for people, but it at least shouldn't for shulker boxes anyway.
  • When buying things with shards from your pouch, we now show you how many shards are left. Just felt you should know.


Staff member
Some PvP (Duel) Fixes and Love
  • We have added some new PvP Stats and now track things like Duels won/lost, Ranked Duels won/lost (both barebones and potion). Regrettably, most of this cannot be retroactively filled out. At least with the current Arena Season having lasted awhile, we're able to migrate those wins/losses to the respective ranked stats. But, all Duels Stats are at 0 for everyone.
    • You can view these new stats in your PvP Stats (/profile, or click the prowess item in /pvp).
  • Barebones Duel kit now properly has Splash Healing I and 2x Splash Damage II instead of the accidental drinkable uncraftable potions :(
    • Other places uncraftable potions come into play (VotA talents, etc) should now also properly give you real potions.
  • When you die in a duel, you can no longer do things like pickup items, punch your opponent, interact with things etc. You should be dead!
  • Everybody's now well aware of who built the arenas and proving grounds by now. As such, we no longer show that info in a big giant title in your face. It is now a casual chat-message.


Staff member
  • There is now a shortcut for selling at the Market. If at any point viewing a Market Chest you shift-click something in your inventory, you will automatically go into selling-mode with that item auto-added to the gui. (Old market used to be this way).
  • Market Orders in #market on Discord will now update to reflect the latest state of an order (quantity left) and will more accurately delete themselves when an order has been fully bought-out.
  • Fixed being able to not actually buy anything from the Custom Items chest.


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Announcing Achievements 2.0!
A greatly-needed overhaul of our system, Part 1
  • Our /achievements menu has been greatly overhauled and modernized with our latest Inventory Tech.​
  • This update helps pave the way for more content in the future of Loka. There are lots of things like rewards we want to gate behind achievements and this helps set the stage for those kinds of things. Additionally, we have hundreds and hundreds of achievements planned for the future and we needed to get some organization going for them.​
  • Current achievements have been reorganized between categories, rarities, etc.
  • So what's new?​
    • Achievement Points - All achievements now count for points based on their rarities. The more rare the achievement, the more points it's worth. As a result of being worth points, we can now rank players' achievement efforts!​
      • There are plans to reward Players based on certain AP thresholds, but that is likely to be a bit down the road.​
    • You can link Achievements to your current chat channel. Just like /link, you can link an achievement, whether it's locked, in-progress, or completed so you can brag!​
    • Achievement Leaderboard - Top left of the Achievements screen!​
    • Achievement Sets - Better visual organization for achievement groups. They come in two forms:​
      • Series - Complete achievements in a logical order, like increasing Ranked Potion Arena Rating.​
      • Sets - Complete all of a set (in no particular order) to unlock the parent achievement (Winning the Fishing Tournies, for example)​
  • Go get some Achievement Points!​

Other fixes
  • Fixed lored items with the word "air" somewhere in the word not displaying correctly (I know).
  • Lingering and Slow Modules will no longer target players flying with elytra (although it can be hilarious).
  • Lingering and Slow Modules will try to search down better so they don't fail to convert blocks below as often (not 100% confident about this one)
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