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Suggestion New biomes for new resources


Active Member
These are just a few ideas I had about how the new resources could be added to loka. Dunno if things like new tiles are possible but I'll suggest them anyway.

Bamboo Archipelago - New tiles off the north coast of the jungle on Garama covered in bushes and bamboo, with a floor of pozdol. Each tile would be it's own island or two. Pandas would spawn here, and mills here could produce bamboo.

Iceberg Peninsula - Giant floating icebergs in the sea of north Kalros. Dig sites on the icebergs could produce blue ice.

Reefs - Small flat islands anywhere off the coast of Garama surrounded by shallow sees with corals. Tropical fish and dolphins could spawn here, and mills would produce coral items. Each tile could have it's own coral colour, so that you'd have to own the whole reef to get all the colours.

Kelp Forests - I don't expect this to be added at all, but these would be underwater tgens surrounded by kelp forests. Industries would produce kelp, and towns here would get conduit effect whenever in town. I just think underwater tgen battles would be so much fun.