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My brother's account was banned for griefing and I would like to appeal that.

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Hello, I would like to write a ban appeal. Around 2-3 years ago I was banned for Griefing. The account that I was playing on at the time was DarkShadowEXE (Formerly) Fenrir_Playz (Currently.) My brother would love to play Loka MC with Me and My Friend. I'm pretty certain I was banned by the Admin named WolfEgger something like that. The account wasn't mines but my brothers because at the time I didn't have Minecraft >.> I eventually bought myself a Minecraft account. And then made a forum account to post on this thread. I deeply regret ever doing it. And If you do accept my ban appeal I would be much appreciate and I will follow the rules.

Sincerely _xSoru.
p.s. - yeet
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Evading a ban with an alt. :p but such long time has passed I'd say this sounds like a second chance


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Due to the length of time that has passed since the ban we are happy to lift it. Using other accounts to bypass bans however is against the rules, so please don't do this again as it will result in longer bans etc. We have far more fancy tech these days to detect this sort of thing.
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