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Moosebobby Appeal #5

Unban Moose?

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In-game name: Moosebobby

Ban length: Perm

Why were you banned?:
1st Ban
IGN: Moosebobby
Banned By: Grubul
Reason: “Talking about Hitler and the holocaust being fake, building swastikas, fly hacking, Trolling, Talking about nazis, and caught X-raying”

2nd Ban
IGN: Adzb13
Banned By: Cryptite
Reason: Alting

Why should we unban you?: Its been what, 2-2.5 years now since ive been banned originally. At this point idk what to say as all my other appeals pretty much cover my thoughts and apologies to the community (except #4 that was a joke haha funnies). I need a server to play and wanna play with epic pvper SMIGUY and WEMB and archersquid is pretty cool also and sigma and elem are epic guys. And that toxic kid arvein is ok i guess. I am sorry for breaking the rules but its 2020 now and hopefully I can get a chance to redeem myself since its been literal years. Ok thanks for reading, I'll come check this in like a week b/c thats how long it normally takes to get a legit response. <3

- Mosebobbert


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I’m neutral on this so I’m just going to point a few things out.

Moos is completely and utterly immature, but that’s not bad; he’s still just a kid. If you go back and look at his appeals the are written in a more mature manner each time, with the exception on his fourth appeal. This appeal has few ‘jokes’ in it, but has a mature tone to it. Considering his ban has been around two to two and a half years long, if he screws up again his next ban is guaranteed to be even longer. I think he knows this and will try his honest best at making sure he behaves. He’s also shown a deep interest and investment in Loka, if he truly didn’t care he would’ve given up on appealing a long time ago. His fourth appeal, in my opinion, was made as a joke and wasn’t meant to be a real ban appeal. Again, this and the poll on this thread was done in an act of immaturity.

Yeah, so these are just a few things I think people should consider before replying to this thread.


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Steve just -1s everyone who is on the enemy side so his opinion isn’t needed. 2 years is long enough for a person to reform, +1 also unban me while you’re at it


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2-2.5 years is quite a long time. Id say we give him a chance +1, but he should have strict sanctions on him and should be on a watch list to prove his behavior has changed. From the looks of everything that you have done, its pretty substantial and not good by any means. From your previous post, there is no way for anyone to really believe what you say at this point, only actions in-game can really prove if you have changed unless staff decides no or if you have been caught being toxic elsewhere.


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You didn't even mention your best frenemy ); after 2+ years sad. I do think you should have another chance though Moosey just don't get in trouble, k?


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Old One
At this point in time, we cannot overturn the ban. The TLDR is far too many people have come to us with evidence that you have not changed the way you act on other servers and in discord. This is the only evidence we can base your appeal on since you obviously are unable to play on Loka. Now I don't doubt you MAY be able to change how you act on Loka and abide by the rules, but that's not enough for us to justify unbanning you. We have to see evidence of it outside of Loka or at least a lack of recent evidence on the contrary. So despite us feeling enough time has passed since your ban, we can't unban you until your behaviour changes elsewhere.
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