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Mindblaster007 for Web Dev

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Age: 16 as of February 1st

Current rank: Member

Which role you are applying for: Web Development Role

Why you think you should become this role: Let’s be honest, I’m probably one of the last people should ever be able to do this. My past is filled with bans due to lying and multiple counts of staff disrespect and town betrayal. However, I’ve come a long way from when I’ve first joined this server. At first I was getting kicked out of every town I joined. Now I have friends and and I’m able to stay in a town and not be forced out. Yeah, I make random comments in chat and that’s just part of my personality, I’m a goofball. However, when it comes to being serious and responsible I’m able to do so.

Now, I have four years of CSS and HTML under my belt. I’m also a teacher assistant in my school’s Web Development class because my teacher saw the potential and knowledge I had in this line of work. I know some people will think I’m up to something shady, but I’m not. Something that I’ve wanted to do since I was unbanned was make a true and honest contribution to Loka and it’s future. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything else I can do to make a contribution than this. For these reasons I hope that those looking at this application will at least consider allowing me to make this contribution, rather than thinking this is a joke.

When you started playing on the server: Roughly around the end of 2017.

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

How often do you play (hours a day/week): My play time varies. I usually spend at least three hours a week on the server. However, I’ve been quite inactive on the server. I have, however, been reading the forums daily when not on the server so I can stay updated with the in-game changes. I have recently just started playing Minecraft again and I will now remain active.

What area's within this role would you be interested in doing: I am most interested in maintaining Loka's website, updating and organising the Wiki, and advertising the server.


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-1, you’re very disrespectful and having you as a person working on the server, gives it a bad look. Maybe if you were more mature and less toxic would be a plus one.

Edit: Mindblaster has been harassing many players for playing loka, as shown in these screenshots.
https://prnt.sc/qqfevv, https://prnt.sc/ril8d4, https://prnt.sc/rikwuv, https://bit.ly/2U3Y4Kh,
he has been warned multiple times about bullying players, yet still continues, definitely a bigger -1 than ever now.
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-1, you’re very disrespectful and having you as a person working on the server, gives it a bad look. Maybe if you were more mature and less toxic would be a plus one.
How does that have anything to do with the requirements? For your future reference I added them below.

  • Ideally have contributed to Loka's Wiki in the past.
  • Ideally have played on the server for a while and a trusted member.
  • Desirable skills (not compulsory) include, experience with web design, using social media to advertise, photo editing software, contributing to wiki's and video production.
  • Spend at least 3 hours working on Web & Art Dev content each week.
  • Must not disclose information about server projects, or future features that have not been announced yet.


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"Ideally have played on the server for a while and a trusted member."
Please tell me after how you've presented yourself on Loka and forums in the past you should be classed as a "trusted member"

While not part of the criteria the role your applying for is Web Developer, developing the face of the server and working on something that most people will see as their first impression of Loka, to be a trusted member is just common sense for a role like this.
You've come a long way from your behaviour in the past but still, have a ways to go. Using your behaviour on the forums recently as an example ( https://www.lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/comments-being-deleted.4517/ ) at the very core level where does it show your someone we can trust to be managing pretty much the face of the server.
I don't doubt you could have the actual skills for this job but while you could be the most qualified person in the world why should you be hired when on a core level you can't present yourself in a good trustworthy manner? Like what GeekyKidGamer has said if you could be more mature and less toxic maybe in the future I could give a +1 but at this current moment in time it's a -1 from me

-1 Maybe try again when you've learnt to conduct yourself in a better manner
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