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McDanky for Lore Team


New Member
Age: 17
Current rank: Settler
Which role you are applying for: Lore Team
Why you think you should become this role: I am a huge fan of roleplaying and a big part of that is the lore! After hearing about Preksak and his knife I feel deep into a rabbit hole of lore for Loka. I myself am trying to create a town that has deep-rooted lore that I hope to contain in many books that will be put in our future library. I believe many people can vouch for me that I am a trusted member (I hope!) of Loka and that this role would be great for me!
When you started playing on the server: February 24th, 2018
Time zone: Eastern Standard/Daylight Time
How often do you play (hours a day/week): I'd say between 5-24 hours a week

Examples of previous writing/lore: When I played on my alt account, SwammieMan, I wrote and lored a book detailing 16 alcohol recipes that I dug up through word of mouth and many separate books in the library. I do believe I submitted it to the library but I am not sure it was put in.


I think you would make a great Librarian. Loka needs more Roleplayers and book writers! I have seen your interest in the lore, and it's quite inspiring, and I really hope that you can use that energy towards making more lore for all of Loka to explore and enjoy! +1


Well-Known Member
This dude is so invested in RP he made a friggin Communist texture pack with music. He's always been super into the story, and I think he'd be a great Librarian!


Active Member
Can definitely vouch for Danky, he's a well-known player of Loka with a town that revolves around lore and rp, he's a perfect fit for this role.