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Lore Update


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My fellow lore reader,

Yoho! Tis I, Castalina (Also in-game known as Maeir temporarily because of a lore event elsewhere) So with the amount of chatter I have had since my last post with various people, I decided to make a lore update post / player update poster to answer a lot of repeating questions I have had to answer. So without further ado;
  1. First, many of you (very surprisingly) have reached out to me to inquire if I'm going to finish the lore series that I do have planned. Do keep in mind these are of real lokan events but in lore context.
    1. To answer your questions, yes I intend to finish my series and plan to write all lore series until I catch up to the current date here on Loka.
  2. Due to extenuating circumstances in reference to the leadership of Katolis, Southpaw has given Katolis back to myself for personal reasons. Due to this, I will be playing on Loka somewhat but not every day like I used to (yes this directly contradicts my "thanks guys" post in a way). It would really all depend on the time that I am currently in to see my activity level on the server.
    1. Yes, Katolis is not finished. Since I have the city back, I will continue to complete the build and the extensions that it had built-in its original design. So stay tuned for some lore about that and pictures.
In correlation to the lore that is coming out, here is the planned series and stories I have in chronological order in reference to the time period (these short stories will include the prologue of the events leading up to Valinor, the great kalrosian rebellion and the current day events);

:loka: All this lore is written on real lokan events :opyc:
  • Southern Horns (Parts, 1,2,3) Beginning of cast story and events leading up to valinor and highlighting eldamar
  • A Crowns Delimma (Parts, 1,2,3) Valinorian history and Great War on Ascalon involving Elysian Pact alliance and Covenant alliance
  • The Dance of Wolves (Parts 1,2) Kalrosian war and Rise of Stromgarde
  • Destiny Calls (Parts 1,2,3) COMPLETED.
  • New Light (1 Part Series) A new Lokan Era involving falling Auru, Wolf Force Rise to world dominance, and etc
Expect Southern horns to be released sometime soon. All facts stated will aim to be as historically accurate as possible!!

I hope you all enjoy and take much enjoyment reading these just as I will be and have been writing them. All these events recorded in these stories are actual events that have happened on Loka with a splash of roleplay. ;)
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