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Looking for Villains?


Well-Known Member
Hey everyone! Godemox and I are playing two demonic villains for a little bit (Indraki and Rawykdaav) and we're wanting to go from town to town for a bit, hanging out and being evil in RP. So if we can come join your town, call you "mortal", generally be evil, and otherwise have a great vacation let me know here and we'll come by for a bit.

Oh, I should mention a lot of this will be present in my upcoming lore story, which I promise I'll start posting soon. I'll explain why we're evil and your character(s) and town(s) will probably be present for our demonic rampage chapter(s) if we manage to get some good RP.

Thanks! Hope to see you soon! :)

~Jedoi / Rawykdaav