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Long Live Auru


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Tribute Lore to the one true Queen on Loka, short but sweet. Enjoy.

Urgent footsteps rushed to the busy building grounds of Arden, a guard then stops and bows to Castalina. She turns around as he hands her a letter sent from one of her scouts on Kalros. She takes the letter and looks shocked, "Kalros..? I....I'm am not supposed to receive another report from them until next month, what is the meaning of this?" Castalina says as she steps forward to the guard. He looks at Castalina in a shaky voice, "Your grace...I have no easy way to tell you this but, Auru, has fallen..." the guard says as he keeps his head bowed. Castalina rips open the letter and falls to her knees of sarrow. Weak and frail, a guard helps her up as her advisor walks her back to her palace chambers. Later, that night she composed a letter to an old friend;

My Queen,

I have heard of the news... nevertheless, you know where to go should you ever need a place of refuge. Take a boat to Ascalon, travel north on the kings road to the misty mountains beyond the plains of Katolis. Stop at a tavern when you get to our borders, and there should be a blacksmith outback. Tell him I have sent for you and he will bring you safely to an outpost just within our territory. There will be guards at the outpost, have this letter with you as proof and have them bring you to me directly, and I will keep you safe.


When the cold when blows, and the white wolf howls, may the mighty banners of Auru triumph over the north once more. Forever may Auru rest, and the spirit of the northern lands of kalros within her.

From the eastern sea to the mighty northern mountains, long live the high queen of Auru. The true queen of the north, the white wolf, and the persevere of the great lands of the Kalros. I wish you well on your future journeys to come, old friend...

Long live the High Queen Jedoi, first of her name, overseer of the north, and the mother of kalros.

Till then, old friend.


~ Signed Her Majesty & old friend,

{Stamped from the Royal Palace of Arden; officially 05/05/20}
-<>--{Official Letter of the Crown}--<>-



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