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Loka's Social Media


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We're always trying to communicate as much as possible with all you Lokans. To help make more information available to more of the player base, we have created and revived Loka's accounts on various social media platforms. We will be posting to all frequently from now on, so please follow us on the platforms you use below. Initially this will mainly be news and patch notes, but over time we will expand on the type of content posted. The accounts will be run by myself, Cryptite and our Web & Art Dev Team.

Facebook /lokaminecraft/

Instagram /lokaminecraft/

Twitter /LokaMinecraft

Reddit /r/lokamc

We'll try to continue to provide content on our YouTube and Twitch channels when we can, but can't promise super regular content. We aim to improve this in the future!

Twitch /lokaminecraft
YouTube /TheArtifactLoka
Loka Wiki

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding our social media accounts please do let us know. Whether that's the sort of content you would like to see posted, or how to get the community more involved etc. Some of our future plans include blog posts on our new website, which is under construction at the moment. This ties into the ad campaigns that we will be running soon, so stay tuned, we are always working away at things in the background.


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If you have ideas for blog posts, specifically, we’d love to get some inspiration! Personally I’d like to feature the continents, custom items, custom mobs... the things that make Loka unique!