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Lokan Lore Concept Art


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Hello, fellow loreist,

So midway working through the finale to my previous lore piece, I have images of what I personally see lokan players look like in human form. I will update this forum whenever I see a picture that describes a well known and active player here on Loka. I will try to match their clothing from the regions that they are from on Loka.

I also believe moving forward when you read my lore post, you can put a face with the name to the characters that I mention that have or already do play on loka.

If you are interested in getting a character depiction, go ahead and let me know, and ill make one for you or someone you believe to be written about! I plan on doing this as a rolling forum post. I can't get to everyone right now in one single post but hopefully, as time goes on I can get many people covered.

:loka: Skuhoo

Located in the southern tropical isle on Ascalon rest the longest-reigning capitol city, Eldritch. Ruled by the one and only Skuhoo, first of his name Skuhoo is the longest-reigning ruler of Ascalon. Skuhoo has not only reigned as the protectorate of the Covenant alliance but has nearly ruled Ascalon till first historians could write about it. From his lightweight armor / elegant regal clothing to his battle weary spirit, this character concept art is the best depiction of Skuhoo. As a long reigning ruler Skuhoo have most definitely proved himself in the realm of politics, power and foreign diplomacy. Since Skuoo is in the southern Ascalonian sunset isle, Id assume due to its tropical climate you wouldn't see him wearing heavy furs as you would in Kalros. The background is meant to show a sense of a worn battlefield to depict the wars domestic and abroad he has participated in. The sword that this character is holding best signifies Skuhoo's heavily military involvement in many lokan theatres, and the golden crown on his head out of all shows his power through it all.

:loka: ArcherSquid
From the tips of the northern icy waste in Kalros, to the deep ancient wood of Arvik, rest Kalros one true king, Archersquid. Born and raised in the icy climate has definitely shown Archers ability to withstand intense below freezing temperatures the climate provides. Throughout Archers life he has fought for only one thing, his home. Involved in many wars and uprisings since the fall of the great Asmund alliance Archer has proven to spearhead the revolution of the free people of Kalros against its enemy, covenant influenced Silverhand. On deep a conquest to bring glory back to his homeland and to once more restore the norths indefinite freedom, Archer will never stop. The main goal was to really show a major difference between Ascalonian attire and Kalrosian attire, as Ascalon seems to be more solidified and have a stronger sense of foundationalism in its form, this was really the main goal of the piece as well. As you can see, I definitely do go with a sense of a traditional tribal / Viking look since he was a born and raised a fierce warrior.


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Really makes you start to wonder what Castalina thinks of you.... For reference my profile picture is only a week old and is me sitting on my floor...