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Suggestion Loka Census


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Loka has grown to become a somewhat large community, so based off of that I'm suggesting a "census", that could just be a questionnaire-based project with the aim of finding out more about the Lokan community. It could also include questions about how people play Loka, or thoughts/feedback about the server.

I'm not sure if this has been done on the server before, but personally I think it'd be pretty neat to find out more information about the community as a whole. Perhaps it'd just be a nice thing for the admins to promote and release information about. Although I completely understand that something like this could be run by the community, separate from the staff team. That said, I've known many other servers/communities do things like this.

What do you guys think?
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I believe having a survey to find what the core play style and demographic of the players would be great for devising events for the server. With recent events taking place of two towns scheduling Events, and then both falling through, I feel it was mostly from a lack of interest on the community's side. Maybe the events planned didn't quite fit what the community was looking for in a town hosted server-wide event.

For example: I myself am a player more focused on building and exploring than PvP. I like the diversity of the biomes on the continents and the RI's add a risk/reward(risk having to PvP for rare supplies) to the server. That being said I'm not opposed to running out and get my diamond sword a little bloody if need be, but I do not implicitly go out looking for a fight.
Good idea to find out what people like to do on the server to get ideas for other events/features for active players like in the SOTS.