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Loka: A History


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So I'm looking at the Wiki right now, and this is what I've gathered so far for a rough timeline, categorized by the different ages:

First Age/Second Age (I don't know where the split is for this)
  1. Arrival of the First Slicers
  2. Discovery of the Artifact
  3. Gradual Settlement of the Newly Discovered World
  4. Arrival of the Harvesters/Beginning of Preksak's Exploits
  5. Discovery of the Knife in the Nether
  6. Preksak's Revenge
  7. Raid on the Observatory
Third Age
  1. The Buried Pyramid
  2. (Events in the Era of War)
  3. ...
  4. Battle of the Spire
Fourth Age
  1. (Events in the Era of Thieves)
  2. ...
  3. The Obelisk and the Blight
  4. (I don't know what the real "event" was that brought everyone to the new world)
Nameless Age
  1. A Dormant and Unstable World
  2. The Dimensional Fold
Fifth Age
  1. Beginnings of Conquest
  2. ...
Is there a Sixth Age yet?

In the Fifth Age, the Wiki says that Valley of the Artifacts was discovered, though I'm 99.9% sure that it was discovered a while before then, does anyone know?

Clearly there is a lot to be filled in this timeline. Any knowledge on events would be great:
  • Beginnings of Towns
  • Beginnings of Alliances
  • Times of War and Involved Parties
  • Offensives/Raids
  • Anything Else Important


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The event which began the transfer from Ak to Da was super cool. Basically, the Spawn Tower turned into a device to transport out us out of Ak. (I don't think it was a knife but I dunno tbh). But to activate it, we had to undergo four trials. Each was connected to an element and one of those four floaty things on all four sides of the Tower. There Trial of water was first, and it brought us to a place with a dark sky and large lake. The second was the Trial of Earth, (I think) which was a massively destroyed version of Spawn and the Protection of the Ancients area. There were glass trees, and again, a dark sky. (Like the End). The third was the Trial of Fire. For this one, we were deep underground in an area filled with dirt, netherrack, I think I recall ore blocks and soul sand, and of course, lots of fire and lava. I'm assuming the sky was probably dark, but we couldn't see it. The last one was the Trial of Air, which was just islands floating in the void, with lots of parkour blocks and spider webs. The trials had something to do with beacons... I'm not exactly sure what happened.

So after we completed the trials, the Tower began working. I can't remember the order of these events but this is what I recall:
  • We saw Freyjia, fighting Unbound Ones.
  • We were teleported to a broken, blown-up version of the Spawn Tower.
  • For a few, brief moments we found ourselves in some sort of laboratory... There was a huge white room, and it contained seemingly thousands of Preksak artifices.
  • We were then trapped on a small bedrock island. And right after that...
  • We reached the new world.

Screenshots of the Reset Event.
July 14th, 2013.

(July 15th for NZ and Australia)

The Trial of Water
2013-07-14_13.22.49.png 2013-07-14_13.33.50.png
The Trial of Earth (Or was it The Trial of Life?)

The Trial of Fire (Sorry the picture is so awful on this one, this is literally the only one I have)

And, finally, the Trial of Air.

The Bedrock Isle

And at last, we reach the New World, Da. Monsters are there to greet us.


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Here's something I was considering: Maybe for purposes of history, we could make our own Lokan calendar.
I was just thinking of keeping it simple, translating real years to years after arrival of the slicers to the Three Sisters.
Loka started early 2011, so 2011 would be just be year 1, 2012 is year 2, the current year is 5. Sounds a little complicated but just so the dates seem a little less breaking the 4th wall.
Also, if we wanted to go even more in depth, we could rename the months too. But I don't really care for that.


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The calendar idea sounds really interesting indeed. All support. It would also make the timeline a little more condenced simce, as far as I know, the server was acting on real time, so old Lokan's were a few thousands years old by now.

In my personal RP, which I need to get around to fixing, takes place at the end of the fourth era. In it I originally come from a distant land in that world where the Artifacts protection does not reach. Wouldn't it be interesting to make some RP what is beyond the Artifacts reach?


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Interesting idea. I don't know enough about the artifact to say whether or not there is land it doesn't reach, but if it fits with the lore then I'm sure it could work.


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I don't know if people will see this again or care, but I would like to update this since it's been a long time.
I apologize for not working on this as I wanted to. The main issues I faced were a lack of real, accurate info on Lokan history and a lack of free time. I would like to get working on this again, but I won't promise on finishing it.

So if anyone has any information at all on Loka history they would like to share with me, please send in anything you have. The more perspectives the better.
I hope I get enough responses to work on this more.


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Hey, look at that guy above this post! Man, he sucks and finishing projects.

I'm hoping to get this project up and running for real this time. No promises again, but I really want to. A lot of the reason it has gone no where in the past is because I didn't put enough effort into it. I want to put more effort in this time, so we'll see what happens.

As a recap and for anyone unfamiliar, I'm looking to make a history book of sorts for Loka. It's not from a role-playing viewpoint, but rather from a "secular" (I suppose) view. Basically, a history of Loka from the players and their experiences, not from the characters they roleplay.

I really encourage every town, no matter how big or small, to write up a history of their own town and their experiences. This will be very important for accurately retelling the stories of a town, as I can put this info in the complete Loka: A History. Your stories of your own towns will be many times more accurate than what I can come up with on my own.

So yeah, just think about it I guess! I'll try to approach people one on one and discuss this with them.


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Timeline that is not pretty yet. I don't know how to make the key pretty yet.image.jpeg


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UPDATE 10/7/16
Progress is actually being made on this project, it's a miracle!

Here are links to everything related to the project:

Links to Loka: A History related threads:

I am looking for people who may be interested in contributing to writing. There are a few guidelines which I will share with you, but other than that, it's fairly free. You can write as much or as little as you want, as long as you've done the research on the section you are writing, and can verify it's correct. Please let me know if you would maybe like to write.


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UPDATE: I've mentioned this on the discord, but now that this project is at the main writing phase, progress will be much slower. Writing things accurately takes time, and there's a lot to write. I'll keep this project updated as I make progress.


Staff member
UPDATE: I've mentioned this on the discord, but now that this project is at the main writing phase, progress will be much slower. Writing things accurately takes time, and there's a lot to write. I'll keep this project updated as I make progress.
Keep up the great work Def. This'll be huge!