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LobsterLarry mute appeal

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New Member
Hello I was wondering if I could appeal for my permanent mute. From what I remember, it was because I made a joke about Israel not existing, because I prefer Palestine in that topic, and I do not like the country as a whole, as I think they are taking advantage of other countries. I made a few jokes about Israel not being real, but overall I don't feel as if it was hurting the gameplay of anybody, or offending anybody personally that was online at the time. Nevertheless I was muted and I feel as if I've atoned for my crimes and I would like to be able to talk in chat again. This was my fist offence (of my knowledge) and I've never been punished before (again to my knowledge).


Staff member
Old One
Over a short period of time, you said many more unsavoury things that break our chat rules. We also do not allow discussions of irl religious or political subjects. As a result of the number of things said and how recent it was, we will not be lifting the mute at this time. However, due to minimal notes and past offences, we will be open to a further appeal once a little more time has elapsed.
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