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Leasaur for Guardian

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Active Member
Age: 16

Current rank: Sentry

Which rank you are applying for: Guardian

What you think is expected of this rank:
Guardians are the backbone of Loka, helping out behind the scenes as well as helping players, both new and old, to have the best experience Loka can give. Therefore, Guardians must be committed and passionate about the server. They should be friendly faces, and other players should feel like they can approach a Guardian - whether they're asking about server rules, reporting a problem, or just want to chat.
Guardians need to be fair and unbiased in server matters - often, they are required to do what is logical, rather than what would be advantageous for themselves or their friends, in order to do what is best for the server as a whole.
A Guardian should be open-minded, think critically, and provide ideas and insight as well as listening to others' in order to improve Loka for everyone.

Why you think you should become this rank:
For those who don't know, I've been thinking of applying for Guardian for a while (I'm not just arbitrarily jumping on the bandwagon, haha). I've been playing on Loka fairly consistently since early 2012, and have seen the server go through so many changes since that time. Despite having good memories, I don't want to let nostalgia hold me back - in my opinion, Loka has been heading in the right direction, and I'd like to help it continue to do so.
I pride myself in being a mature character when the situation calls for it, and listen to both sides of any dispute. I don't think anyone could argue that I'm not a driven and passionate player on Loka, and in applying for Guardian, I hope I can help and guide others who share that passion, or have yet to discover it. I'd love to play a larger part in creating new features and improving old ones, so that Loka continues to grow better as time goes by.

When you started playing on the server: April 14th 2012

Time zone: New Zealand Time

How often do you play (hours a day/week): Too long - usually upwards of an hour every day, and longer on weekends.

Thank you all for considering my application - I look forward to seeing any feedback you wish to share. If you have any queries, please feel free to post them below or message me directly via the forums.


Well-Known Member
I believe Leasaur Would be a good Guardian and an amazing addition to the ever growing list of great admins we have on this server!

+100 gabs :D


Well-Known Member
As a long-time friend I have come to know you on a personal level. Although you do tend to be bias in certain circumstances, you are very level-headed when needed to be. +1


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You absolutely have my support. You're played for a long time, you're active, you've taught and inspired so many people, myself included. Few people are as qualified as you are for this position. Every thing you stated in your post I can completely agree with. Lea, you'd be a great guardian. +Everything


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I know in the past we've all had our differences which are nothing less than expected when going against one another in either conquest or in the earlier days of good, old fashioned 'town vs. town'. No matter the history we all have on either the same or opposite sides of the fence, I've seen you grow a lot as a player and Sentry.

I hope you get the opportunity to take the helm as Guardian and show what I've seen. You have a lot of potential and the ability to do what is necessary when it comes to the best interests of the server. You've got my support and I wish you luck.
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