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Knowledge Reclaimed


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The smell of musty paper lingered in the air but it was a sweet smell to anyone that knew the importance. Rickety shelves and darkened corners of a building that sat long in waiting to be used again. It filled him with satisfaction to see it back in any sort of working condition, though admittedly it needed work. There was nothing a little attention would not fix.

"Do you believe the enchantments will hold?" he asked.

Cryptite stood next to him with a faint grin, nearly indiscernible. It was easy to tell that he was confident but Loka and the Artifact always had a way of finding ways around the Elder's magic.

"I believe so. If not, that's what we have Librarians for." This time the smile was more prominent as he turned and patted a hand down on Aegon's shoulder.

This was a moment that many waited for, he knew. Years upon years of knowledge as well as fiction rested in the shelves of this beloved library. Now it was available to the masses once again. Aegon turned with Cryptite and faced the boarded up entry. With nothing more than a glance to one another, they reached for axes that were brought for just this purpose.

Splinters flew as they tore down the barricade that protected the inside of the building while it was in a vulnerable state. Making quick work of the job they stepped over the threshold into the daylight. It was almost liberating to have the library open once more after such anticipation.

The Library will now be available to everyone at spawn. For those unfamiliar, there is material in the library ranging from fiction to detailed history of the server. The books have a lot of information and interesting tidbits for those wanting to get better acquainted with both the story and history of Loka.

If anyone has any issues with books or questions regarding anything you may refer to the following list of current Librarians:

  • ShiloMoonflair
  • MasterTargaryen
  • Artagan
  • Zor
  • Ronshaud
Now go forth and dive into some books!


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So, how are these bookshelves going to work? I'm planning on making a library for Citadel, it would be really cool if I could use the bookshelf storage feature.


Staff member
We'll open up the (non-infinite) storage feature to all bookshelves in the possibly near future once the library's been out for awhile so we can ensure there aren't any bugs.