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How Long Have You Played Loka?


Well-Known Member
Sure, with /find you can see when a player joined Loka, but unless you know how much they've played, that doesn't mean a whole lot!

By doing ESCAPE > STATISTICS and looking at the 14th line, you can see your Time Played. This does include AFK time, sadly, but since redstone is limited and mob farms aren't allowed, I have a feeling most players don't AFK as much as they would on other servers.

So how long have you played Loka?


Nearly 25 days for me, having joined a bit over a year ago. Should I be happy or sad about that? Hm...


Well-Known Member
52 days. Mind you, that’s only since my last name change, on March 1, 2017. Before my first name change in 2015 I think i had around 60 days there too. I don’t remember how much time I had between 2015 and 2017


Active Member
84.60 days for me, for anyone wondering what their hours would be on loka just multiply the the amount of days by 24, mine is about 2030 hours