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Hello All!


It’s been forever since I’ve been in contact with my beloved community of Loka. Call it real life, call it work, relationships, etc.

For quite some time my pc has been dead in the water and I have desired to re-experience Minecraft with ye all. New and old. Until I get my pc up though I had hopped to get some old photos of towns and the communities we’ve had. I’ve seen the limited number we’ve had posted in the wiki but am hoping to archive a larger collection. I’m specifically looking older gen 1-4 but current gen photos but more current are welcome as well as I have quietly watched your progress and community activities from afar. It’s good to see people still enjoying this community.

I’ve missed ye
- Wishing you the Best


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Old One
Great to hear from you Gallazius! Hope you've been doing well. I'll do some digging for some old pics when I get a chance.


Who???? <-- Was a Joke btw.

Hi, I hope you return to Loka one day and your PC is fixed.
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