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gabrosen for Guardian?

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gabrosen for Guardian

Name & Age:
Age: 29
Irl name: Andrew

Current Rank:

Location & Time Zone:
Time Zone: EST
Location: U.S. Florida

Applying For:
Applying for Guardian.

Why you ask? Loka is my passion and my home. I’ve been active for quite a long time, older than most of the current player-base. I understand the responsibilities of a Guardian and the expectations. I solemnly swear not to abuse/misuse my powers as a Guardian. I believe, or at least I’m told that I’m a friendly player. Most all know me. The reason I’m applying for Guardian… I feel as though with becoming a Guardian I can help the server more. When I first joined Loka oh so long ago, the first building I walked into was the admin building. I looked up at the heads of the Guardians and said: “One day I’ll be in their place.” And here I am. Becoming a Guardian has been a dream of mine ever since I joined Loka. I’ve met so many interesting people and friends, and I’ve watched many of them come and go. But I’m here and I stand my ground. I’m dedicated to Loka’s lore and community. I believe I can make a difference within Loka. My story Isn't finished being written yet.

When & How Often:
When? I joined back in early December of 2014 (Watched porpoise’s videos) (but was inactive for a couple of months). How often? I play daily for roughly 3-7 hours (or about 30-35 hours a week) and if not I’m super sick or very busy.

(as mentioned before)
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As with Bat's application, as long you remain unbiased I'd be happy to welcome you to the team.

You're friendly, active, dedicated, and a quick learner. We don't have to worry about the Guardian's Curse with this one... He will Endure. :)

Also, you're really committing to no raiding? Good on ya. +1


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I've endured the rise and fall of several towns by your side...
You are hard working and sincere. :)
I too am surprised that you are committing to ending your reign of raiding terror :p
Making that commitment tells me that you genuinely want this position.
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