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FroggyFruit For PvE Dev

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Remember when you turned on a new player while they were trying to make a themselves a town? Or that time you and other fruitopians attacked Opyc while he was building a road ''because it's a pvp server''?
I'm not saying that these things are reasons for you not to become PvE dev, I just think that this role is more suited for someone with respect for new and creative players, someone who sees past it being just a ''pvp server''.
The only time I've attacked new players is if they threaten something I have control over such as a biome, territory, radar, etc. Also, I was not there when Opyc was killed. I am a creative player myself and I respect the fact that this is a PvP over-all type server where PvE comes second.


I think the fact that west Fruitopia fell a few days ago shows that you aren't as active as you claim to be...
After being raided he /g deleted and went back to New Fruitopia with Lost, kiwi, and lilfros. Froggy has been more active, ever since beginning/mid November and actively working on ideas and coming to fights, as well as bringing friends along to play Loka with him.
Not open for further replies.