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Fort Constantine Applications


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Welcome to the Fort Constantine application page! Patukott and I will soon be opening up the city to public Loka, so any and all can join. These applications are so I can get a feel for who would like to join the city, and what skills everyone who wants to join has.

Fort Constantine is a spiritual successor to Der Riese, my old fortress in the last world. It had a lot of flaws, including the fact that no real city actually existed, so there was little room to build. Fort Constantine fixes these issues and expands on the original Der Riese, while retaining its old security.
Here is a picture of the original:

The basic layout of Fort Constantine is as follows (note: not all of this is constructed yet): A large castle in the very center of town, surrounded by the wall of Der Riese (as seen above), surrounded by another wall and tunnels for security. Outsider of that is a very large strip of land dedicated to city-building, what you typically see in the town. A final wall surrounds the outer city.

Fort Constantine is a developing city still, but most of the basic security is already constructed. This means that anyone who joins soon will be able to take part in the beginnings of the outer city, and will also be safe from outside invasion.

If you wish to apply to the town, please post a reply to this thread telling me why you want to join, what you are good at doing in Minecraft, and how well you get along with others. The biggest things I am looking for in a player are ability to build and work, get along with others, listen to the town owners when told to, and maturity. Thanks for everyones' applications!
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Maybe you should do what I do, Defgnw. All these tours I give also gives me a whole lot of chances to recruit. Recruit players who just joined Loka. It's very effective.


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My pictures for some reason shrink when I post them. They're large when I link them in.