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Famous Lokan Quotes


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Well that's an interesting one...apparently my parkour can drive someone to madness :p
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So I'm looking back and going down memory lane, and holy cow Lokans can throw down.
[15:54:12] [CHAT] Deathstrider joined the game.
[15:54:35] [CHAT] [Slicer] memrme3: so joce
[15:54:35] [CHAT] [Slicer] Deathstrider: horse
[15:54:41] [CHAT] [Guardian] JocelynReed: yea?
[15:54:46] [CHAT] [Slicer] memrme3: hear you were sleeping your way to the top
[15:54:50] [CHAT] [Slicer] Deathstrider: *cough*
[15:54:54] [CHAT] [Guardian] JocelynReed: wot?
[15:54:58] [CHAT] [Sentry] Artagan: LOL
[15:55:03] [CHAT] [Slicer] Steelerfan12345: LOLOLOL
[15:55:14] [CHAT] [Slicer] memrme3: baby i am back
[15:55:18] [CHAT] [Slicer] Deathstrider: wan't a bucket of water for that burn?
[15:55:34] [CHAT] [Settler] Rocky_3308: That wasn't really a burn
[15:55:34] [CHAT] [Slicer] Steelerfan12345: that made my day
[15:55:40] [CHAT] [Settler] Rocky_3308: More of a statement
[15:55:45] [CHAT] [Sentry] Artagan: #rekt
[15:55:59] [CHAT] [Slicer] Steelerfan12345: #ArtJustDied
[15:56:01] [CHAT] [Slicer] memrme3: you missed me didn;t you
[15:56:34] [CHAT] [Slicer] memrme3: #no comment


Duck: brb makin chicken wings
Dwemer_Sphere: haha! A duck making chicken wings! I bet it's not the World's Spiciest Dicken Wings
Dwemer_Sphere: oh lord..
Zorack: Goodness...Dicken wings do not sound particularly tasty
Duck: Dicken wings???
Dwemer_Sphere: It was a typo
Duck: I sure hope so


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Warning: Contains Game of Thrones Spoilers. "I'm gonna tell you a story, it's called Bran's Big Day. Bran was going to go to out, he was excited to get out of the house. But he fell down the stairs and got hurt. They had to put him in a wheelchair, but now he was unconscious. Then he had a dream that Hodor would murder Tyrion. He woke up and ordered Arya to push him as fast as she could to Tyrion. When they were halfway to Tyrion's current location, they saw Khaleesi Targaryen. She said, "You, Stark Boy, come with me." And then she stole Bran, put didn't bring his wheelchair with them. Then Arya shot Dany and ripped her head off. Then all the dragons recognised Arya as their new master, and bowed down. But they bowed down too close and squashed her. Then they became Bran's dragons by default. Then Bran realized it would be easier to just kill Hodor, so he flew to Winterfell on the dragons. Hodor was there with a new wheelchair for him. Bran couldn't just say no, so he got off the dragon and into the wheelchair. The dragons had thought Hodor had trapped Bran, though, so all the dragons of Westeros bowed down to Hodor. So Hodor flew away on the dragons but they didn't really know what he was saying. Then he landed on top of Tyrion and squashed him 1 inch flat. Then Hodor fell off the dragons and into a tower and someone impregnated Cersei. Then Bran decided to wheelchair all around the world, but wheelchaired the wrong way and was eaten by a white walker. And then Hodor fell off the dragons again by the Wall and met Stannis the Mannis. The pile of blubber that is Hodor lands, and then Stannis decides he has enough for the winter- but first he hosts a BBQ- with Hodor as the charcoal. Then All the Dragons of Westeros bow down to Stannis the Mannis Baratheon. Then Jon Snow goes to investigate the disturbance of the Hodor Force. He found Stannis the Mannis Baratheon. And Jon Snow, he doesn't know much, but he knows how to use his sword. So every time the dragon flew over him, he stuck his sword up into the dragon. He did this for five hours. And so the dragon gets irritated and leaves. So Jon Snow wins the Battle of the Wall. Half of the dragons in Westeros bow down to Jon Snow, and the other half are still loyal to Stannis the Mannis. Meanwhile, King's Landing- Sansa Stark and Joffrey are gettin' in on, when Sansa started to turn around and told Joffrey her true parentage-says, "How could I ever condone incest!" and pulls out a hilariously giant sword and rips her apart limb from limb. But Sansa was tricky, because she was part octopus, and had a brain in each of her limbs. Her limbs, through a bizarre segiment of moving, managed strangle Joffery. Meanwhile, on a spike outside the castle, A bizarre worm crawls inside the severed head of Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of the King. Slowly it climbs inside and takes over the dead brain of Lord Eddard Stark. Meanwhile, wherever it is where While Walkers go, Ser Paily McReflectly is eating a new breakfast cereal that was just brought inside and Mr. Paler Then Post Bleach Micheal Jackson, asked, "What are you eating there?" and Mr. Pail picked up a small child sized body and said, "Raisin BRAN.", grabbing the wheelchair, he said, "It even came with a prize too!". Ramsey is a pharaoh is Egypt and probably dies of an infectious disease. Meanwhile, on a spike outside the castle, the bizarre parasitic worm inside the brain of Ned Stark has somehow developed arms and legs and is now on the ground. Meanwhile, inside the author's head, WEE WOO BAM CRASH BAM COCAIINNEEE. Meanwhile, in a wedding planner's office, Robb Stark and his Wife Talisa are with their wedding planner and he says, "What kind of music do you want played" and Robb says "The Rains of Castamere" and when the planner says thats a bad idea, Robb says "I don't freaking care, It's my freaking wedding I'll do the whatever the freak I want The freaking Rains of feaking casta-freaking-mere I'll freaking have it, I'm freaking doing doing it freaking." The wedding planner looks sad and writes down. He says "Don't let Walder Frey in." But when the Wedding came, Walder Frey came because he dressed himself as Uncle Steve. The wedding band begins to freaking play the freaking rains of freaking Casta-freaking-mere and drunken Walder Frey gets up and stabs Robb because he was very drunk and hot. Meanwhile, in the palace, Cersei gives birth to an eight armed baby boy, because of the shocking realization that the entire House Stark is part octopus. Meanwhile, up in the sky somewhere, Jon Snow and Stannis the Mannis Baratheon are engaged in epic sky battle to control all the battles of Westeros, flies around Stannis the Mannis and repeated pokes him with a sword like he did earlier. But Stannis the Mannis Baratheon had done self hypnosis exercises and was able to withstand the repeated poking for twelve hours. But then, Stannis Baratheon takes his sword and hits Jon Snow with it, and Jon Snow immediately starts to cry, and Stannis the Mannis Baratheon is pulled out of his state of intense concentration. Jon Snow swoops in and with one swift movement beheads Stannis the Mannis Baratheon, and all of the dragons of Westeros were Jon Snow's. He now activated his secret animorph powers and turned into a bizarre half octopus half dragon hybrid, because he was half Stark and half Targaryen. The blood that spruted out of Stannis the Mannis Baratheon rained down onto Cersei Lannister, who was running away from her eight armed child. However, she did not get far, because parasite Ned Stark tripped her with his leg. And Cersei Lannister realised this must be what it's like to be Bran, all the time. And Jon Snow and his half octopus half dragon army descend upon the Iron Throne, returns to a human, and announcers his parasite-controlled father. Ned Stark says, "Ey Jon Snow, I know something you don't know." And Jon Snow's eyes grew wide, as he began to hope to learn the secrets of the Universe. Ned Stark turns and stares deeply into Jon Snow's eyes and says... "urmom". THE END. The End? The Ned?" -MID-FREAKING-GAMERX


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"It's not incest, we're pretty much Targaryens at this point." -Duchess_Lucina (Anna)


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"Jedi wasn't nimble, Jedi wasn't quick, Jedi tried to jump over the candle stick and caught on fire." -Jedi