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FamilyTuber for Slicer

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Well-Known Member
Always kind to others, very friendly to talk with, and helps Loka tremendously through videos and streams, like his counterpart Nerdie. I've been in alliances with him several times, and recently rejoined Iblis with NerdNation in it, and definitely would think he'd make a good candidate for Slicer. Good luck Famy :)


Well-Known Member
FamilyTuber is one of the most genuine and kind dudes I know. He's always a huge help to me in leading the NN community, even when he's not available to log on to Minecraft. He is an incredible guy and would make an excellent Slicer. :)


New Member
My boy FamilyTuber represents the best of NN and is one of the nicest people on the server. He is very chill and I have never seen him get mad at anyone or be rude even if the person is being irritating. He is amazing to talk to, and I think he definitely deserves Slicer.
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