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Evil_X for Sentry


Active Member
18 (Will be 19 as of the 20th May)

Current rank:

Which rank you are applying for:

What you think is expected of this rank:
If you had to put it in the most simple way possible, a Sentry supports the guardians by moderating public chats and helping out the new peeps. As a sentry you can see both sides of an argument and walk into a situation with a clear mind, you need to represent Loka as someone without bias and be ready at all times to dissolve a situation/argument. At the same time, you can't act as a cold heartless rule stickler and should be able to be friendly and easily approachable. You should know the mechanics of Loka and have a good understanding of the world that is Loka with knowledge from all corners of the world.

Why you think you should become this rank:
While a bit useless at PVP, I know people from all sides of conquest and understand Loka pretty well through its mechanics and features. I'm pretty active on the forums & in-game and I'm (hopefully) a friendly face for everyone when online. I love Loka and it's where most my free time is spent, as someone who lives in the UK (best country ever, try change my mind) I'm lucky enough to be on at times where it's usually quieter and at times chat will be left completely unmoderated due to the lack of sentries and guardians online, as a sentry I'll be there to help players and moderate at times many others in staff roles may be sleeping or away. In the past, I've been lucky enough to moderate for other discord & mc servers and I believe combined with past experiences and my abilities as a whole I would be a great addition to the sentry team.

When you started playing on the server:
9th April 2019

Time zone:
BST (GMT +1)

How often do you play (hours a day/week):
At minimum with education and things about 15hours per week. I can be on a lot more depending on server events, conquest activity, state of things irl etc


Active Member
+1, I remember when I first met Evil, he was just as funny and sociable as he is today. He has grown, don't get me wrong. He used to be in his small bubble on Loka, but soon, I would see him be himself with everyone on the server. Evil is a great joy that I love having on the server. I can definitely see him in the role of being a mall cop. I wish you luck, Evil :)