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Implemented Don't use Badlion Client and don't allow it here


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If Lokans want to avoid being datamined, they should avoid Badlion.

Although Badlion client has experienced popularity with many users, I haven't been able to find anyone looking into their code to find backdoors/possible issues with the client, after the recent thread suggesting allowing it here. Several other clients have been exposed for bricking computers or turning them into bitcoin farms over the past few years, and I wanted to make sure BLC was legitimate. After going through their privacy policy, it's stated when the client is running, the anticheat connects your computer to Badlion servers. Badlion is constantly sending your computers hardware, software, network info and ingame snapshots back to Badlion, ISP's that they work with, and business intelligence and analytic firms like Mixpanel. I also checked Badlion out on a home computer, and even when you opt out of sending analytic data to Badlion, it still sends some data back to to their company.

If I had more faith in ESL, the company that runs Badlion, I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they weren't monetizing this personal data anyway/ But ESL has had several scams involving their clients before, most notably when their ESEA client installed malware that turned computers into bitcoin farms (https://www.theregister.com/2013/11/20/esea_gaming_bitcoin_fine/). Badlion itself obviously isn't a bitcoin farm, and they probably don't sell your data, but they do share it to many different business and have a bad track record with privacy in the past.

TLDR; Badlion datamines your computer for its anticheat, but also uses that data for commercial uses with third parties. Read over the policy yourself at https://www.badlion.net/privacy, and use a DNS sniffer to watch it send your data away! If everyone wants to see entity health that badly, fabric or another client that isn't owned by a company that's notoriously bad with privacy could be allowed on Loka.
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If people want to use it, let them? lol
b/c pvp is so hypercompetitve here, allowing BLC would mean anyone who takes conquest seriously would install it for the competitive edge. changing the meta to "using special client and losing your privacy" isn't helping anyone espc when good alternatives crypt could look into exist