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Document I


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8 Years before the creation of GRB101255A

??? : So Doctor, Are the blueprints for project GRB finished?

Doctor : Of course, your majesty Celeste.

Celeste Empress Of Siezon : Excellent, I'm happy to have you amongst my ranks.

Doctor : Thank you for your kind words your majesty.

8 years later.

??? : Doctor, I've got horrible news, Our nation has entered a war, all nations on all continents are now at war, We need to evacuate to the bunkers now, We could get bombed at any moment.

Doctor : No, That can't be....
*The News Broadcast*

The Siezonese Heir was assisanited by a Runyvian Hitman.

The Siezonese Empire declares war on Runyvia as a result.

The League Of Syntheria declares war on Siezon.

The Siezon Sphere declares war on The League Of Syntheria

This war has escalated into the largest armed conflict the world has ever seen, May god have mercy on all people of these nations.
??? : We must evacuate into the bunkers to avoid this conflict, GRB must be finished, He's crucial for Siezon's and our peoples survival.
He's the weapon which will save us all.

Doctor : Yes Sir, Lead us there!
Doctor : Oh my lord, GRB isn't even 50% done, According to my calculations it'll take over 10 years.

??? : We need to work on GRB, And not take breaks, the fate of our people, our dear nation are in our hands, Please Doctor, Think about something.

5 years later...

Doctor : GRB is 75% Complete, We might be able to finish him in time, Serena.

Serena : The Empress gave us a deadline of 10 years, I'm pessimistic about this, But as long as he gets finished.

Doctor : Yes, He's not fully mechanical though, He's a cyborg, He still has the conciousness and mind of one of us.

Serena : He's truly something.

Doctor : Serena, I couldn't agree more.

5 Years Later...

Doctor : At last my dear serena, He has been finished.

Serena : He's so beautiful, He's in a peaceful eternal rest, He's truly our last hope...
Serena : Huh, What's this?
Oh god, It's a letter from the empress.
"By the time of you recieving this letter, All civilization have almost been destroyed, There are only a few hundered left of our kind, We've completely destroyed our dear civilization, We've left our mark on this cruel world, I wish you all the best of luck the remaining people of our once great nation."

Doctor : I have no words, It's all my fault serena, I was so wrong, I was so so wrong...

Serena : It's the end doctor, unless a miracle happens we are doomed.

Doctor : Serena, Do you still have the time machine blueprint, It might be our only hope, We need to travel to the future, The Empress of Siezon was incompetent, I was just a pawn under her sphere of slavery.

Serena : What do you suggest doctor?

Doctor : It's absolutely out of this world, But i suggest we need to travel to an alternate timeline in the future and invade make sure the new civilization of that time bows down to us and accepts us as their new rulers.
We can't do the same mistakes celestia did, This is our time to shine now.
But first we need to find the remaining survivors and gather up the resources to rebuild our technology and travel there.

Serena : I wish this works, doctor.

Doctor : It must, We have no choice.
200 years later....

The new settlement made by the few remaining hundreds of siezons have grown to a city state of around 30.000, Their technology is far more advanced than before, And they're prospering.

Doctor and his brilliant team of enginneers have constructed the time machine of which he and serena will travel in to face the new civilization.

They travel 20.000 years in the future.

They take the finished GRB101255A in his storage container supplies and head in.

They travel to see little to no traces of the once mighty siezonese empire, They set up a new laboratory inside of a cavern hidden away.

And continue to work on GRB101255A.

At last, in the doctors favour, GRB has been finished and is opening his eyes for the first time.



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Thanks Guys, Reason why it's called document 1 is because this part is the doctor's perspective, the next one is serena's, And then finally the final one is GRB himself.