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Destiny Calls P.2: Rise of Elrohir


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Sammy’s head snaps to the corner of the room to where Castalina made her statement. He walks over slow, in shock and in disbelief. “Your...Grace?” Sammy says as he bends his legs lower to try and see Castalina from under her cloak. She takes it off and reveals herself as her shining crown remained on her head. The guards at the door of the tavern were shocked as they tried to maintain their position of attention. Sammy smiled as he took off his gloves and joined Castalina in the booth where she was sitting. “A cup of ale please sir!” Sammy says in a cheerful tone as he raises his arm. “How did you find me?” Castalina says in a joking impressive tone as she slumps back in her seat and puts her feet up on the table next to them. “Well it wasn’t easy your grace. When you try to find an lost elf queen not many people know of an elf queen they can just name off of the top of their head.” He says as he takes the cup of ale from the bartender as they serve it. “We went to Garama and visited all of the major kingdoms there and received no luck. Then me and small party heard of the recent capitulation of the Iblis empire on Kalros and figured since you are a wood elf you would be residing in these woods.” Sammy says before he takes a big gulp of ale and burps. Sammy looks at Castalina and is shocked by her posture and the way she carried herself. “It seems as though you lost your proper manors out here.” Sammy says before he starts laughing with Castalina. “Where have you been all this time?” He says in a curious tone as he leans in and puts both his hands together on the table. Castalina shivers and adjust her fur coat that was resting over her cloak. “I have been traveling around Kalros, and have stayed off of the major roads linking to powerful kingdoms over the land. I have been residing in a village off of the coast further north from here, the people are nice and instantly knew who I was the moment I entered their lands.” Castalina says as she looks as she begins to look at the elven guard protecting the door. “So how many survived? What happened after I left?” Cast ask as she puts her head down and brushes her hair with her fingers nervously. Sammy slumps even more in the booth and begins clicking his boot against the ground as he brushes his hand through his hair “Well a lot of elves left and retreated further south and set up refugee camps outside of Valinor, you know the ancient holy city of elves. Your finest commanders and nobles have been overseeing the camp as they have been funding constant expeditions for you to be found so you can come back to your people.” Sammy says as he leans his head inward in a influential way.

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Castalina retreats in the booth and slumps backwards and says “Im not sure Sammy. I failed my people, I don’t think I can ever heal from that-“, all of a sudden Sammy cuts off Castalina by saying “Don’t let xforerunner and Zelerity’s death go in vain. You are our queen now and always and we need you.” Castalina nods and puts her head down as she shakes her head in agreement. Sammy stands up and stretches as he fixes his cloak and adjust his sword strap around his waist. “We better get going, I’m not losing you again.” Sammy says in a short joking manor. Castalina gets up and leaves a bag of gold coin on the counter for the bartender. “Thanks for all of the ale, I’m going to miss my trips here.” She says as she walks to the door. When she gets to the door and walks past the guards they instantly snap to attention as they follow the queen outside. When they get outside the weather is windy, and Castalina could feel the icy rain begin to hit her cold cheeks. She sees Sammy holding a horse next to him as the other guards get on their horses. “Come on, let’s get going.” Sammy says as he smiles.

Castalina leads the way back to the village she has been staying at for the years she was away. When they entered the village all of the towns folk began to bow out of respect. Sammy waves to some people as they are shocked to see a company of elves in one central location. They walk their horses to the center of town and get off of them. They start to walk to her tent where she has been living. “Living a lavish life I see?” Sammy says in a mocking tone as he judges the area out of respect and humor. “It was just fine, and I would have stayed here if you haven’t found me.” Cast says as she is folding up her sleeping bag. “So who rules these lands now?” Sammy ask as he rest his elbow on his sword as it sits in its holster. “He is a powerful Viking, he goes by the name of ArcherSquid. I did business with him back in the days of Valinor and helped him build up some settlements after the war here on a Kalros.” The company heads back to the horses and leaves the town, they arrive at the Kalrosian docks where they then sail for Aladra as a pit stop before they get to Ascalon.


Back in occupied Elrohir..... the city has not healed from its wounds it suffered years back since the betrayal. Crime and poverty struck the heart of the once shining city. The academy robbed and the palace ruined. Max and the remaining guards finished draining all of the wealth from the city as they were prepping a fleet to sail to Garama. “Don’t you think we should fix this place up?” Max says as him, Obstinace and some guards walk through the front gates of the city on horseback. “No, we will be gone of this foul place within the week. This city is now in the past. Stay focused on the long term. Garama is the plan.” Obstinance says as Max looks to his left and nods at him.


Back in Aladra, Castalina and her company finally arrived to the docks of Aladra. Sammy suffered from severe sea sickness. “That’s what I get for drinking all of that ale..” Sammy says before he runs and leans off of the edge of the docks. Castalina’s eyes are open wide as she hasn’t been to Aladra in quite some time. She walks through the market place flanked by two guards and Sammy who has his hand constantly resting on the handle of his sword in case anything happens. “This place has changed much since I was last here.” Castalina says as she looks around. The company got to the boat that was sailing to Ascalon, they walked aboard they heard a familiar tone of voice coming from underneath the ship. It was Southpawfighter gambling and drinking ale with some other merchants and members of the crew. Castalina , Sammy and guards heads down below to witness the game as they look in shock as they were certain Southpaw had died in Elrohir during the uprising. Southpaw won the game he was playing with the people and shouted “Aye, that money be mine now boys” he says as he drinks a massive cup of ale followed by a juicy belch. “Congratulations on your win.” Castalina says loud enough over the crowd to catch Southpaw’s attention. The bottom of the ship grows quiet as all of the men stare at the queen and bow out of respect. Southpaw in disbelief stands up and brushes his beard, wiping it of ale and walks over to Castalina and gives her a hug. “This can’t be real...” He says as he looks at her before giving her another hug. “I should be saying the same thing, I mean look at you?? You look so amazing. I thought....you had died in the throne room after the battle..” Castalina said in a pitiful tone as she looked down remembering the bad memories. Southpaw took his hand and raised it to Castalina’s chin to look at him. Suddenly Sammy and the two guards flinched and touched their swords. “Relax lads, I am no danger to the Queen." He says as he lifts up his arms. He looks back at Castalina and ask "Where you you off to now? Last I heard you were staying in some village in Kalros.” Sammys mouth dropped and Castalina looked shocked. “I asked you last year if you knew where the Queen was and you said you had no idea????” Sammy said in an incriminating tone as he raised his voice. “Aye lad I did what was best for the Queen” southpaw said as he winked at Castalina. “How did you know where I was..?” Cast chuckles. “It’s not hard to find a lost queen of high royalty who resides in the forest. Many of the merchants knew but said nothing to respect your peace.” southpaw said as he folded his arms and rocked on his tippy toes. A frustrated Sammy throws his hands up in the air and walks away to the top of the ship for some air.

The boat finally arrived at the Ascalonian docks and everyone was beginning to unload. Castalina and her company began to head to Valinor. Before they could leave the docks southpaw picked up his sword and swore his allegiance to the queen once more vowing to never leave her side again. The company arrived in Valinor. As they walked down the streets of the old town, people began to bow and gasped. Sammy led the way to the tent of nobles and commanders as he popped out his chest and held his head high of pride. “The Queen has returned!” Shouted Sammy in a joyful tone. When they entered the tent to the nobles and commanders, Sammy, Southpaw, and the two guards filed in first as they awaited the queen to enter. Castalina entered the tent and everyone bowed out of respect. She stood in the middle of the space as she looked around in joy and in shock that so many people were loyal to her. "My people, pardon my absence as I have been gone for so long. I assumed all hope was lost and hid away in shame on Kalros thinking that the end of our home and our people were among us all. However by seeing our numbers, hope has been restored. To my lords and ladies, I thank you for your service and for conducting these searches for my safe return." The nobles all bow there heads and smiles, Castalina turns and walks out of her tent and climbs on top of a tall rock that stood next to it. She could see thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of elven people all camped at the holy city. She looks in shock and smiles.

Castalina returns to the tent as Sammy was finishing up briefing the nobles of the journey on how they found the queen. "My Queen, may I suggest we sail from the coast to up north to Elrohir, as the route would be safe rather than travel on land?" Sammy says aloud. Castalina nodded in approval as she had her hands crossed in a relax posture infront of her. "Let this be known...our kingdom will restore itself, and for generations to come they will look back on this very day and know we created dynasty so secure it would last for a thousand years. Elrohir...will rise." The lords and ladies of the room cheered, Sammy and the other soliders of the room drew their blades and raised them to the sky as they joined along. Castalina stands and smiles as she waits for the high morale nobles to finish cheering. "You have you orders, prepare by morning to have our people packed up and begin heading to the coast. I want the crown guards protecting the rear and front of our formations as well as soldiers on our flanks." Castalina said before heading off to bed. The next morning tents came down and fires went out as people began to leave Valinor. Half way through the trip Sammy noticed low moral as the people themselves weren't sure what was happening and appeared to him that faith was lost. He was protecting the rear as he road his horse further up front and looked at Castalina as she road her horse leading the pack, "Your grace maybe we can use one of your inspiring speeches? The people seem to need it more than ever and the soldiers look a little beat up too." She continues to ride her horse staring forward not swayed by what Sammy was telling her, "Also I would like it as well." Sammy says as he smiles and looks at Castalina as she looks at him and smiles. Just in front of them were the beaches and a small rise in the earth. She yelled back in elvish to the guards "Hold the people here, and circle them around the small rise before the beach.". The guards complied and she got off of her horse as people began to circle around her. She looks down and sees Sammy, and southpaw as they look up at her and squeeze their eyes since she was partly blocking the sunlight.

The Queen raises her sword and cheers a roudy, "Yaaaaa!" and the people respond with "Yaaaa!" , she does another roudy scream as her people reply even louder this time. She keeps her sword raised as the ships behind her are waiting for people to board. She looks at her people with a look of pride,
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"Every ruler usually assigns a personal elite detail of warriors to protect them, and guide their way through battle. This time, I will not choose an elite detail to protect me, I choose you all!" She yells as her people cheer. "I will ask you something no ruler has ever asked their people. Will you sail with me across the great waters of Ascalon?! Will you give me back our homeland?! Will you guard this home and protect it, and sustain it for generations to come as the mother of the sky looks down upon us?!" The people cheer and Sammy and SouthPaw raise their sword and cheer. "Are you with me? Now and always!?" She yells, and the people screamed in support of her. Castalina faced the ships and pointed her sword to them as people began to board them.

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Anchors from ships began to come up and the fleet began to sail to relclaim their home. The flags on each ship were waving as the winds were blowing in their favor. On one ship were one of the lords who was commanding soldiers as they prepared for a long voyage at sea. On another ship was SouthPaw who was looking off of the bridge as he was holding his sword as he smiled knowing good times were finally coming for the elves. He took the cap off of his ale and began to take a big gulp as he watched the fleet. On another ship, people began to get settled and they looked off of the sides of the ship to see a grand fleet of elves sailing north. Kingodms that rested off of the east coast of Ascalon began to rush to their ramparts to watch the elven banner sail north. As the ships began to sail a scout sent by MaxyMeeto walked up on one of the cliffs overlooking the fleet as they saw the people of Katolis march north. On another ship at the very front of the fleet is Castalina's ship, she stood with a dark green cloak on, a shiny golden crown, and a armored dress with fur compliments. Behind her was her faithful advisor Sammy as he proudly wore the household colors of Katolis. Castalina looked forward north with ambition destined in her eyes. She took a deep breathe mumbling the words "Destiny Calls".



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