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Congrats to the third group of LCR winners!


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Old One
Congratulations are in order for ArcherSquid, HEYDOOD, Skuhoo, SilentStormSix and FroggyFruit1357!

I'd also like to say a big thanks to the outgoing LCRs. They have done a great job and we have made a ton of progress during their term.

There were 89 voters, so a pretty good turnout.

While somewhat difficult to read, below is the result of the voting and the rounds they go through. Remember this is Ranked Choice Voting so you'll notice that votes are transferred based on your picks and whether the candidate won/lost.

The threshold to have 5 winners is 14.834%. So, as the candidates reach that threshold, they win. If they have votes in excess of the threshold, a percentage of everyone's vote who voted for the winning candidate goes to their next choice candidate. During a round, if nobody hits that threshold, the weakest candidate is eliminated and their votes are redistributed similarly to winners excess votes.

Exhausted ballots are when all of your vote choices have been consumed. There were over 10 exhausted ballots in the end, which means 10 votes were thrown away. This was likely a percentage/average of far more than 10 peoples votes. To avoid exhausting your ballot/vote make sure you list as many candidates as you can in order of preference. It does not harm your favoured candidates and guarantees your say/preference is taken into account.

A special thanks to Kallious for writing the code to calculate the ranked-choice voting so we no longer need to rely on third-party resources.
Round 1

Active ballots: 89.0 Exhausted ballots: 0.0
Votes needed: 14.834333333333332

ArcherSquid 24.0 votes
HEYDOOD 10.0 votes
Teyu 0.0 votes
Skuhoo 19.0 votes
SilentStormSix 15.0 votes
2To16Hobos 1.0 votes
FroggyFruit1357 10.0 votes
Evil_X 7.0 votes
Curlyy 2.0 votes
TheWokeDiego 1.0 votes

ArcherSquid won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 2

Active ballots: 89.0 Exhausted ballots: 0.0
Votes needed: 14.834333333333332

ArcherSquid 14.834333333333328 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.964736111111115 votes
Teyu 1.5276111111111113 votes
Skuhoo 19.38190277777778 votes
SilentStormSix 15.381902777777778 votes
2To16Hobos 1.381902777777778 votes
FroggyFruit1357 10.381902777777778 votes
Evil_X 7.0 votes
Curlyy 2.763805555555556 votes
TheWokeDiego 1.381902777777778 votes


-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 3

Active ballots: 88.98215542904155 Exhausted ballots: 0.017844570958423463
Votes needed: 14.831359238173592

ArcherSquid 14.831359238173592 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.831359238173587 votes WINNER
Teyu 1.574207252450883 votes
Skuhoo 19.397268440143783 votes
SilentStormSix 15.387153334020176 votes
2To16Hobos 1.3832886016027668 votes
FroggyFruit1357 10.383288601602768 votes
Evil_X 7.0101151061236076 votes
Curlyy 2.800827015147653 votes
TheWokeDiego 1.3832886016027668 votes

Skuhoo won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 4

Active ballots: 88.89921813517752 Exhausted ballots: 0.10078186482254947
Votes needed: 14.817536355862918

ArcherSquid 14.817536355862918 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.817536355862917 votes WINNER
Teyu 2.1629747646568833 votes
Skuhoo 14.81753635586291 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 15.421609922667718 votes
2To16Hobos 2.120331178091396 votes
FroggyFruit1357 12.334974142591424 votes
Evil_X 8.016679924345377 votes
Curlyy 2.990343714109965 votes
TheWokeDiego 1.3996954211259556 votes

SilentStormSix won!

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 5

Active ballots: 88.82344163149752 Exhausted ballots: 0.1765583685024921
Votes needed: 14.804906938582919

ArcherSquid 14.804906938582906 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.804906938582917 votes WINNER
Teyu 2.320158056016081 votes
Skuhoo 14.804906938582917 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 14.804906938582919 votes WINNER
2To16Hobos 2.1870781000730446 votes
FroggyFruit1357 12.480287944061953 votes
Evil_X 8.06089190887465 votes
Curlyy 3.067427910182555 votes
TheWokeDiego 1.487969957957565 votes

TheWokeDiego eliminated

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 6

Active ballots: 88.54537522870699 Exhausted ballots: 0.45462477129302964
Votes needed: 14.75856253811783

ArcherSquid 14.758562538117829 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.75856253811783 votes WINNER
Teyu 2.738177572681854 votes
Skuhoo 14.758562538117829 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 14.758562538117822 votes WINNER
2To16Hobos 2.4743038255776675 votes
FroggyFruit1357 12.82080005047958 votes
Evil_X 8.206677952256845 votes
Curlyy 3.2711656752397356 votes
TheWokeDiego 0 votes OUT

2To16Hobos eliminated

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 7

Active ballots: 88.0481765228104 Exhausted ballots: 0.9518234771895027
Votes needed: 14.675696087135064

ArcherSquid 14.675696087135064 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.675696087135059 votes WINNER
Teyu 3.9937861105990557 votes
Skuhoo 14.675696087135062 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 14.675696087135053 votes WINNER
2To16Hobos 0 votes OUT
FroggyFruit1357 13.205649055188678 votes
Evil_X 8.269584778574643 votes
Curlyy 3.8763722299078847 votes
TheWokeDiego 0 votes OUT

Curlyy eliminated

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 8

Active ballots: 86.65089777258622 Exhausted ballots: 2.3491022274139746
Votes needed: 14.442816295431035

ArcherSquid 14.442816295431017 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 14.442816295431035 votes WINNER
Teyu 6.53569373048578 votes
Skuhoo 14.442816295431033 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 14.44281629543103 votes WINNER
2To16Hobos 0 votes OUT
FroggyFruit1357 13.787186523592394 votes
Evil_X 8.556752336783711 votes
Curlyy 0 votes OUT
TheWokeDiego 0 votes OUT

Teyu eliminated

-------Redistributing overflow votes-------

Round 9

Active ballots: 78.78795833220991 Exhausted ballots: 10.212041667790155
Votes needed: 13.132326388701651

ArcherSquid 13.132326388701646 votes WINNER
HEYDOOD 13.13232638870165 votes WINNER
Teyu 0 votes OUT
Skuhoo 13.132326388701651 votes WINNER
SilentStormSix 13.132326388701651 votes WINNER
2To16Hobos 0 votes OUT
FroggyFruit1357 16.213689897397416 votes
Evil_X 10.044962880005741 votes
Curlyy 0 votes OUT
TheWokeDiego 0 votes OUT

FroggyFruit1357 won!

ArcherSquid winner!
HEYDOOD winner!
Teyu was eliminated
Skuhoo winner!
SilentStormSix winner!
2To16Hobos was eliminated
FroggyFruit1357 winner!
Evil_X was eliminated
Curlyy was eliminated
TheWokeDiego was eliminated