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Suggestion Change Hopper Timings


New Member
I understand that Loka has limits on Redstone in place however one thing if could be changed, would be Hoppers. Hopper timings currently on the server have really ruined a lot of things like auto brewers and auto smelters and even hopper clocks. The change of hopper times just means your now forced to spend hours editing a design just for it to work with the changes. There is the argument could be said about the hopper delay times increase performance etc but the changes mostly mean you end up having to add hoppers connect to storage containers just to remove the delay which if anything results in lower performance. If possible maybe a compromise where you could craft a slightly more expensive hopper that ignored the hopper delay. However, generally I feel the current nerf on hopper's should definitely be looked at as it's heavily limiting a system that already seems to have enough of a nerf in place without this.